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Status: New Idea

I would like to share some meta quest app experiences with people but not in the flat way : in VR

Because some people can't sometimes uses the app because they can't stand up or not for long (and still many apps need this) or they don't understand well how to do things insides the app
For exemple : I like Astra and would like to share it to an old men who is found of space and would love to experience this, but he won't be able to use the app or to stand.

I would like to show to some children some precise things but not with all agitation that can go with VR and the risk of falling or hurting

And sometimes I would love just to share what I live inside the headset but I can't because streaming in flat on an external screen doesn't show anything of what I'm living...

So could we stream one day from an headset to another, in VR ?

So that people in another headset can see and experiment exactly what we are seing and experimenting?


Could be a very  good thing also to introduce VR to general public !

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Honored Guest

Yes that's a wonderful thing to experience