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Status: New Idea

I recently bought a Quest 2 and was disappointed to find that Tiny Town was only on Rift, while that was my fault I still believe Tiny Town should be brought to the Quest 2. I’ve seen countless posts on here about it with no real response, I’d love to get the attention of both Oculus and the devs over at the Tiny Town team so they can see this. I understand it’s not the easiest thing to port a game over to a different system but I think it’s realistic for Tiny Town to get its Q2 port, thanks for reading and please like or share this so we can get more attention.

Honored Guest

Super disappointed that there’s no Tiny Town VR compatible with my Oculus Quest 2!

Honored Guest

Is there still no Tiny Town game for Quest 2 ……??? If not, is there something similar to Tiny Town that works with Quest 2? 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @legofanhk 

We appreciate everyone's feedback regarding this. Tiny Town is not currently available on our Meta Quest store. You can however, play it using PCVR on steam! Using the Link cable or Airlink will allow you to play the game through there

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Please bring it to the meta quest I don’t have a pc 

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Yeah it was the same for me when I got the quest 2 and I just wanted to play tiny town so much and they should bring it to the quest 2.

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Well they should really release tiny town Vr and the mods because I really want a good experience