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I have owned my Quest for little more than a year. In that time I have already had three controllers fail on me. I use them very carefully so I was mystified (and of course very disappointed) as to why they kept breaking. Then I saw this reddit post of a user who performed a teardown of two separate defective controllers and found that on both controlelrs some of the the internal IR LEDs had been corroded and broken by sweat. I am extremely confident that my issue was exactly the same - WHile I was unable to perform a teardown as i didn't want to void my warranty , my controllers exhibited the exact same flaw each time they failed. I towel off regularly and wear sweatbands, but it is naturally impossible to exercise well and fully keep any sweat from getting on controllers, especially when you live in a hot country. Oculus sells the product with exercise in mind - these controllers really should not break so very easily due to sweat damage. Now that I know sweat is causing these issues I will try even more assiduously to keep the controllers sweat free from now on. However,it would not be technologically complicated to make controllers such as these which are genuinely sweat-proof. I am now going to have to play wearing plastic gloves - that is a very silly and disappointing situation for what is meant to be a fuss-free VR solution. Can anybody kindly look into this and restore my faith in Oculus products going forward +/ explain how they would have me use Oculus devices for active games like Beat Saber without the controllers breaking! Thanks!
Same issue. As I've become fitter I've sweated more, playing expert+ on beat saber. Last two sessions I player longer and I can see a stain where sweat went into the top of the controller. It pairs but light won't come on. Sensors are likely shorting from the salt water.
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I was just deep in a flow state going from beat Saber to pistol whip to audio Tripp and I was sweating a lot. Suddenly my controllers started spazzing out and after switching out the batteries it looks as though they have failed. I've owned my Oculus 2 for a little over a week now 😞

I have had the Oculus 2 for 14 months and have had to replace it 6 times due to malfunction either in the headset or the controllers. I decided to upgrade to the Oculus 3, thinking it may be a better quality based on learning from customers' experiences. I am on my 4th Oculus 3 (in 3 months) for the same reasons I had my Oculus 2. I use it only for workout and have shared the videos with that app partner (which was purchased by Meta). I feel the quality of the components and the quality of support by both Meta and Supernatural are sub-par. Rather than finding a solution and following up with me is non-existent. I feel I have been "ghosted". 

I did purchase the add-on silicone cover from Meta thinking it would help; it did not.

The only positive part of this journey is that I purchased the extended warranty with Bestbuy. They have stood by their warranty and replaced every headset without question (that is 7 headset in less that 1 1/2 years).

Word of advice for anyone purchasing these devices is invest in the additional coverage.