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Status: New Idea

I think we all *or atleast many* want to listen to music while playing games without having to make a glitch so that music will play while playing games or play music from a speaker outside of the headset so why not add youtube music and spotify *maybe SoundCloud aswell* on the oculus store. And when you play music from one of those apps you have a menu where you can pause/play the music while in the game. I maybe didn't explain so good but I hope you understand

Honored Guest

I would also like this idea to be implemented. This is one feature that another VR platform has (PSVR), and when I noticed that there was no supported music integration, I was disappointed that a better platform was missing a feature that I used a lot of the time. The way that I would implement this feature would be to make it like the party chat feature, a bar below the toolbar with elements in this order:

Song cover image[square], Previous track, Next track, Progress slider, and time progressed/track length.

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Spotify is a great music application, I often listen to music when playing games, you can also enjoy the best music on the spotify modfyp application