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GearVR Back Button not being detected by OVRInput / Oculus Utilities 1.21

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I have been running some tests and came to the following findings:
- Unity 2017.1.2p1 & Oculus Utilities 1.21: The back button of the Gear VR does not get registered unless the user first uses the touchpad. After that, the back button is detected.

- Unity 2017.1.2p1 & Oculus Utilities 1.21 but changing line 310 in OVRInput.cs from
RawButton rawButtonMask = RawButton.Any & ~RawButton.Back;
RawButton rawButtonMask = RawButton.Any;
The back button of the Gear VR is detected just fine and everything works well.

- Unity 2017.2.1f1 & Oculus Utilities 1.21 (with or without the change in OVRInput.cs): The back button of the Gear VR is not detected at all.

- Unity 2017.3.0f3 & Oculus Utilities 1.21: same situation as with 2017.1.2p1, with the change in OVRInput.cs it also works fine again.

Can someone from Oculus help me out by answering the following two questions:
1) Will the next version of the Utilities package solve this issue, irrespective of the Unity version?
2) Am I breaking something else I am not aware of by commenting out / deleting the bitwise removal RawButton.Back in OVRInput?

Thank you very much!

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Hardware used for testing is a Samsung S6.

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This is a known issue at this time and we are actively working on a fix.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I am aware it is being worked on, but since there is not ETA for the fix and I am working under time constraints, I am not sure I can wait for the fix.

That is why I'm asking if I am breaking something else with that edit on OVRInput. Would greatly appreciate any input on that.

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The known issue will be occured on Unity 2017.3.0f3 & Oculus Utilities 1.22.

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Sigh...added the back button in an app today...can't believe that something SOOOOOOOOOO BASIC isn't functioning in the oculus utilities!!! Bad enough there are only 2 main buttons (although the back button seems to mistakenly open the oculus app) and said 2 because the disc button simply isn't so traditional on the UX side of things. If walking with disc...then need to click the disc to do something...really not so optimal for high precision interaction. 

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Hi @imperativity, just wondering if there has been any fix released for this issue?

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To anyone looking into this, the issue seems fixed with oculus utilities 1.28