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Welcome to Oculus Medium 2.0!

Heroic Explorer

It’s been 18 months since Oculus Medium launched, and now we’re out with our biggest update yet!

Medium 2.0!

This update delivers many user-requested core sculpting features, like increased layer limit, grid snapping, and multiple lights. We also have a new file management system, scene graph, and a major UI facelift that allows for faster and more intuitive navigation of Medium’s tools, settings, and options.

With Medium 2.0, you’ll spend more time in flow, ideation, and creation!

Release notes below. 


Heroic Explorer

Check out how to use the new 2.0 features with how-to videos on the Learn Page and in our updated Manual.

Faster, stronger, better:

  • Major workflow improvements with the new Asset Browser and Scene Graph. Users now have faster context switching, customizable scene hierarchy, and easier setup for integration into project and asset pipelines.

  • Reduced memory usage and improved performance with a new, Vulkan-based graphics engine.

Core Sculpting Updates:

  • Move Tool:

    • Elastic move option for more physically realistic deformations, letting you pull and stretch the sculpt in a more natural way

  • Grid snap and angle snap - good for hard surface and precise angles

  • Plane constraint for the Clay tool makes sculpting flat areas much easier

  • Add up to 8 lights, choosing between Spotlight or Pointlight types, with one shadow map on one spotlight

  • Layer limit has been increased from 20 to 100 on most configurations.

    • Newer AMD Vega cards and users on Windows 8.1 will have 50-layer limits

  • Resolution visualization: hover over a resolution operation to view your layer’s current density level before changing

  • Import mesh updates:

    • Import directly as sculptable clay

    • Multiple layers - bring FBX or OBJ’s as separate sculptable layers

    • Choose the starting sculpt resolution of your mesh at import with the Layer Fill option

    • Imported meshes come in at the center of the sculpt transform

  • Number of undo operations has increased from 32 to 64

  • Use colored stamps! When you make a stamp from a layer or import a stamp with textures/ vertex colors, it will retain its colors. Tint with overall clay tool color section if desired.

  • Updated color picker offers more control and precision

  • Reduced memory usage across the app, so detailed sculpts to be created on a broader range of machines

  • Performance improvements-- higher framerates with less hitching, due to the new graphics engine

  • New streamlined Share to Facebook flow is easier to use and shares are much faster

Bring your sculpt into Oculus Home:

  • Fill your Oculus Home with your Medium sculpts. Share your creations to Home without leaving VR.

Bug Fixes:

  • Move tool preview now updates normals and shadow maps for a more accurate preview

  • Move tool supports scaling with thumbstick up/down

  • Progress bar now works with decimation.

Known Problems:

  • Capturing a 2D recording over a long period of time can cause hitching and the audio to get out of sync

  • Looking at directories with over 64 subfolders can cause the directory watcher not to work when you add new assets for that directory while Medium is open.

  • Some preview mesh colors will delay in loading

  • There’s currently no way to see the photos you take in Medium, in Medium. Please use the Windows file browser for that.



Getting ready to use 2.0


Change in Recommended Spec for Medium

We’ve improved Medium’s performance and memory usage to allow for dynamic sculpting, smooth usability, and rich detailing. To be confident you’re taking advantage of the best we have to offer in graphics improvements, SDF operations, and scene management - not to mention the ability to use Medium models with Home - we recommend using Windows 10 on recommended spec computers for 2.0. Using the most up to date drivers on your GPU will help even further. You may still use Windows 7 and 8 and enjoy the core functionality of Medium but we will no longer support those OS's.

If you're using Medium for a Project

2.0 has a completely new UI that helps foster dynamic sculpting and faster context switching. However, if you’re in the middle of a project or up against a deadline, and don’t want to update to a new UI layout just yet, we understand your pain and would like to try to accommodate.

How to stick with Medium 1.3.3 due to OS or Production Reasons

Email and we’ll whitelist you to the current version of Medium, Medium 1.3.3. We cannot guarantee every case will be allowed to roll back to 1.3.3, but we will do our best.

Honored Guest
Is this update released yet or is this just an announcement?

Not applicable
@wyattsav I'm currently downloading it so I guess it has been released ^^. It shouldn't take long before you can download it.

Heroic Explorer
It's live now! Go to your Oculus Library and check for the update! 


Awesome! I'm loving the new features.

Piece of feedback:
Trying to grab the hierarchy menu when it was out of reach was a bit funky. Seems like at the moment you can only grab it when targeting certain parts (e.g. the top)?

Not applicable
Medium was brilliant (admittedly some memory leaks and feature set was a little limited)......but 2.0, wow! Knocked it out the park guys and girls. Really incredible work!

Multiple lights, snap to grid and more layers, total game changer in my opinion!

Snap to angle and grid? Yay!

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Rising Star
Yaaaay!!!  But you announce this while I'm stuck at work for another four hours. Booo!!!