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Quest / Go / Gear VR Build 11.0 Release Notes

Retired Support

We’ve made the following updates and enhancements to in-VR search to help you find new content faster:

  • Improved discoverability to make it easier to find new content.
  • Enhanced navigation functionality to make it easier to scroll and use the search feature.
  • Added an autofill Search bar that populates when hovering over an autocomplete tag.

App Installs

Any pending or in-process app installs will now complete before your headset goes to sleep. This means that if you started a download and then took off your headset, your app should finish downloading before the headset goes into sleep mode.

Environments for Quest

We’ve added the new Environments feature to Quest. Environments allow you to change the world that surrounds you while in your Quest Home.

  • You’ll be able to see your environment when you first put on your headset, use the Oculus store, update your settings, or browse your library.
  • You can view and change your environment from your Settings panel. To do this point at your bottom toolbar and select Settings > See all > Virtual Environments. Then point and choose the environment that you want to apply.
  • Please note this feature will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks to ensure optimal quality and stability.
  • Once the feature is fully rolled out, look out for additional environment options coming in future releases.


  • New High Score Shelf in VR (Beat Saber) - See high scores from friends in your VR Feed when playing Beat Saber. Please note that this feature is part of a test and, as result, is only available to a percentage of users at this time.
  • Achievements in VR - See achievements (new levels, trophies, etc. in games) from friends in your VR Feed. Please note that this feature is part of a test and, as result, is only available to a percentage of users at this time.
  • Personalization in VR - You can now favorite or hide apps/genres, which will either boost or remove them from your Explore Feed.
Oculus Link
  • Remote rendering is now available!

    Check out our blog post and support center articles for details on connecting Quest to your compatible PC. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the feature to appear within your headset. If you still do not see the feature after that time, please reboot your Quest headset and log out and back into your account on the Oculus PC software.
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Oculus Link? Anyone? 
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Honored Guest
But....what about oculus link?  :'(

Honored Guest
Great work thanks, are there any news about the release of link too btw? 🙂

how do we force update now?

Very nice! Will we have the ability to import our own environments?

Something that would be great if the oculus go can be used at least as a DK2 with joystick, to be able to natively play games of oculus in the store or Steam, wirelessly. That would make everyone happy.

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What about link dont leave use waiting 

Will be great to hear when people start receiving this update. Just seen a video of someone in the US who has received their firmware 11 Quest update and yes the is No Forced Passthrough or Oculus Link Beta information 😞 

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Donde esta la opción de Oculus Link. Me parece fatal el como estáis haciendo babear a la gente y no sacáis lo que piden