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Quest / Go / Gear VR Build 9.0 Release Notes

Retired Support
  • We’ve upgraded the previous version of Passthrough on Quest to Passthrough+.
  • This updated version of Passthrough improves the representation of the real world around you by enhancing estimations of the depth, size and distance of objects in your real world environment.

  • We know that many Quest owners use their headset to watch their favorite streams, shows, movies and more. To make this easier, you now have the option to turn off Quest's standard inside-out tracking when you don't need it, like for watching movies in the dark or dimly-lit rooms.
  • Tracking adjustments can be made in one of two ways:
    • If tracking is unable to function in your environment, an error message will provide an option to continue without tracking.
    • You can also manually turn off tracking by selecting Settings > Device > Tracking and switch the toggle to turn tracking off.
  • Remember that Guardian boundaries—and some apps—require tracking. Neither will work if tracking is off. To help avoid injury or damage, you should only use your Quest in a stationary standing or seated position when tracking is turned off.

Compatible Go/Gear VR apps for Quest
  • If you own one of 50+ compatible Oculus Go or Gear VR apps, you’ll now have the opportunity to download them from your library and play them on your Oculus Quest.
  • Learn more about how this program works and what apps are available for Quest.

  • You can now adjust and customize your notification preferences from in-VR.
    • To access your notification settings in-VR, select Settings > Notifications and adjust the toggles to reflect your settings preferences for each notification type.

Manual Updates
  • You can now manually start an over the air (OTA) software update from your settings panel in-VR. This feature allows you to check for and begin software updates at any time once the update is made available for your headset.
    • To check for updates, select Settings > About > Software Update.

Remote Wipe
  • You can now perform a remote wipe from on a Quest headset you no longer have direct access to.
    • Learn more about how to remote wipe on an Oculus Quest.

New Experiments

This section includes new features we’re testing for future releases. You can opt-in to experimental features by selecting Settings > Experiments in-VR. Please note, the experiments section includes features that are still being developed, and so you may encounter anything from minor-issues to app-crashes.

  • We’ve added People You May Know suggestions to your Quest in-VR feed. People You May Know is a feature designed to help you connect with people you may know who are also using Oculus.
    • These are the same suggestions you may have seen in the Oculus mobile and desktop apps, now available as part of the in-VR experience.
  • On Quest, you can now see when your friends beat your high score in games like Beat Saber. You’ll be able to see these updates in the Oculus mobile app, as well as in-VR.

  • Performance improvements when running some applications
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Heroic Explorer
Hopefully the Blackouts (becoming black for a second) sometimes occurs with the tracking is fixed with 9.0. Can't wait to check this out! 
Meta Facebook Community Accelerator 2022 winner
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What's the actual build number for this update?

Honored Guest
Manual updates!
At last.
Thank you!

I got the update but I don't see everything listed in the update above?

Honored Guest
Not all changes are listed.  The battery counts for the controllers are now colored pill-bars like on the desktop Rift dash, for instance.

I'm not seeing any software update option in settings at all

Thanks for adding manual updates, glad this will be the last time having to wait for it (hopefully?) haha!

thanks for the update
kevin warhaft

Heroic Explorer
Can't wait to get it... especially because of the Go apps and the 3DoF mode to watch movies 🙂 
Meta Facebook Community Accelerator 2022 winner
Facebook Community Partner
Founder of the Meta Quest VR Familie - The largest German Facebook Group for VR and Metaverse