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Quest Link Require Display Port?

Level 2
Simple question that I cant quite get a definitive answer on.  My laptop has USB 3.1 type C.  There are so many USB C setups that its hard to track and gauge what you may or may not have.  Mine is not a Thunderbolt or DP enabled 3.1  Will the link work or should I go with a Rift

Level 10
The requirements for Link as specified by Oculus is ‘1x USB 3.0 ports’.

It doesn’t matter whether the port is A or C connection type, it just has to be able to deliver USB 3.0 spec. 

Many owners are using Link with USB A ports (including myself) Link does not require Thunderbolt with displayport. 

Level 2
Thank you kindly!   I like the portability, but the link capability makes it a great purchase.