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Builds using Unity Network Manager makes OVR Avatar hands not apear

I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I am doing something incorrectly so I decided to mention it here in case someone else knows what's up.

I've developing for ORT through Unity right now. What I realised is that when I try to host a LAN server with Unity's Network Manager as a server host with a Player Prefab which has the OVR Avatar component on it, the hands do not appear. They do appear in the editor as a host, just not in a build. Repro steps bellow:

1) Start a new project in Unity 5
2) Import the OculusUtilities and OVR Avatar Packages that come from into the new project
3) Create an empty GameObject and add the NetworkManager and the NetworkManagerHUD component to that empty (Name it NetMan)
4) Create a new empty Game Object and put the OVRCameraRig and the LocalAvatar prefabs as children to this emptyGO
5) Give step 4's Game Object with children a name (Player) and a Network Identity component
6) Drag player into a "Prefabs" folder that you create
7) Delete the Player that is in the scene
😎 Select NetMan Game Object from your hiearchy and make sure you can see it's components in the inspector
9) Put your Player prefab into the the "Player Prefab" variable located in "Spawn Info"
10) You may also want to add it into "Registered Spawnable Prefabs" as I can't remember if you need it there as well
11) Click on Play in the Unity Editor
12) Select the "Host" option
13) Take note that the hands and controllers appear in the editor
14) Stop the Game in Unity
15) Make a new build of the project (Make sure that the current scene is added to the build settings)
16) Play the newly built build.
17) Select the "Host" option once more
18) Notice that this time, the hands do not apear.

Just realised I put this in general, please remove. I made a new question in Developer.