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Ultimate Seam Sewing Guide Which Will Help You In Sewing Seam Perfectly
To make any project successful it’s essential to focus on the seam and hem of the clothes. Straight-sewing in the hem is important for the professional looking project. As a beginner, you may find yourself struggling for the perfect seam sewing and for the neatness in the project. It’s important for the beginner to read the ultimate guide for the seam sewing and to understand the mechanism of the best basic sewing machine.

If you are looking for the right kind of guidance through which you can move forward then this article may help you in jumping from beginner to intermediate level. Let’s go through some of the best tricks you can try to sew a perfect seam without any trouble.



Seam Sewing Guide For Beginners

Practice Makes You Perfect

Before you attempt to sew a perfect seam on the project, make sure you are using a scrap for the practice. The more you will practice, the more you are going to be perfect in stitching. Don’t ever afraid to practice and doing mistakes because that’s what going to enhance your skills. Use a seam ripper to remove the stitches and then again sew the fabric in the perfect manner.

Don’t get frustrated and keep your practice on. Keep one thing in mind that it may take time to sew a perfect seam.

Pressing Seam

Pressing a seam is just not about ironing it but it’s about the patience and how much you are willing to give your time. At the time of sewing a seam, what makes it perfect and clean is pressing. There must be several tools in your kit for the pressing purpose. If your seam is going to look lean then your dress will have a professional look but if you are not giving a time in pressing then it will look thick and unfinished.

Pressing your seam is just going to add quality to your work and it’s well worth your time and patience. At the time of sewing seam, you should always keep pressing it with your finger-tips as well to remove the pressure.

Grading and Under-Stitching

If you are sewing a seam which is going to get connected to the facing of the dress or project then you need to add a grade. Grade in the seam is just going to help in removing the thick and messy edges. After this problem, many beginners may go through the problem that seam is rolling to the outside of the edge and now how you are supposed to deal with it?



Understitching seams

Now go for the option which can save your fabric is under-stitching. This trick is going to keep your fabric away from rolling and it will keep the seam fixed on the lining. If you are a beginner and using a best computerized sewing machine for beginners then this trick is definitely going to work for you when the seam is creating complications during the project.

Aligning Seam

For a beginner, this is going to be one of the most difficult tasks because it’s quite hard to align the seam without sewing a straight line. First one needs to practice how to sew a straight line and you can also mark the straight line with the chalk or invisible ink to follow it. In this way, you can sew a straight line and the pieces of the seam will be adjusted in the fabric accurately.

Intersections of the seams can’t align properly if you are not going to sew a straight line. The first thing you should focus on is to sew a straight line and your seam is automatically going to align just with the little effort.

Lock Stitch

When you are stitching a seam and at the ending, you can see a little thread which can roll to the front and can create a mess for you. To get rid of this problem all you need is to lock stitch that threat or back stitch. If you are sewing a fine and thin fabric then backstitch is not a good idea because it’s going to leave a thick thread behind and it can reveal.

In this case, you should go for the lock stitch as it’s going to prevent the stitching from undone and lock stitch will enhance your skills. You can bring cleanliness and professionalism in your work. It will give a smooth transition to your project.

Short Stitch Length

When you are sewing a seam, keep one thing in mind and that is to use small stitches. At the time of sewing from the inside, use small stitches for the strength and to avoid any pressure in the middle of the project. This trick is going to minimize the chances of distortion in the fabric and in the end, you will be able to figure out what to change?



Short stitch length

Use pins as well when sewing a seam because it’s going to make your fabric easy to handle especially when you are working on the slippery fabric. Press the seam before you open it to keep it flat and to fix the position.


So never believe your naked eye because if you are sewing seam without measuring it twice then at the end of the project you may get yourself in trouble. Measure twice and then start sewing. A little disturbance in the measurement can cause you a big trouble and then you have to remove all the stitches from the fabric to get a straight line.

Never ignore measurement no matter if you are a beginner or intermediate. Sewing is all about measurement and if you want to avoid the blunders in your project then always check twice before using the needle on the fabric.


Sewing a seam on the best sewing machine for beginners here is quite easy and simple to follow but all you have to do is to keep the check on the small technical things. Look at the stitches and how you have to unwind things further in the project. The seam is all about practice and it will make you perfect one day.


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