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How do I turn my none facebook Oculus account into a meta account without facebook add?

Honored Visionary

I see Meta said they would be changing the facebook requirment to login in August. I don't have a Facebook account and never will have one. I don't mind the Meta account without the Facebook account though, but when I login to these forums, it just gives me the option to login using a Facebook account or my Oculus account. I'm currently logged in using my Oculus account. How do I turn my Oculus account into a Meta account without Facebook added?


Here's the strange thing. When I first tried to login into the forums, it just said login with a Meta account, but I refreshed the page because I was worried it was going to setup a Facebook account. When I refreshed the page and now revisit the Oculus forums, it's back to just saying, login with Facebook or your Oculu account?