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Oculus Companion App can't be the only way of doing certain things with so many bugs (Headset setup)


Hi there all,


TLDR - I have provided feedback that the companion app cannot be the only way of doing certain things, especially things that involve the headset setup or handling store purchases with so many bugs in the oculus app.
If I purchased an app through the headset, I should be able to request a refund through the headset, or the website.
Please vote for it so it will get the attention and priority it deserves -


I just bought(last week) an Oculus Quest 2 Headset.
Upon receiving it I discovered I HAVE to have a phone paired with the headset for the initial setup.
Even though my phone and tablet had supported android versions (5.0 and 5.1.1 respectively), the headset would not pair with either.
Since there is no other way to do the initial setup without a phone, I contacted a friend of my to borrow his phone after I exhausted all efforts with the support and tried everything from restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, using different wifi network, wifi access point, bluetooth cache clear, etc.
After finishing the initial setup, I finally started using the headset (3 days later than expected due to the phone pairing issue).
I was waiting for a nice bundle for Beat Saber other than the Billie Eilish one and the Lady Gaga one came today.
After purchasing it, I saw that the bundle was not included.
I checked with support and they said that there was some kind of double promotion on it and I couldn't get the bundle at that price.
I decided to wait for a decent bundle offer and request a refund for my purchase.

Do you want to guess what happened? A refund request is only available through the companion app which I can't use since I can't pair it with my headset since it has a bug on 5+ android version that was initially reported in 2020 and still not fixed.