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Oculus Go Bootloader Officially Unlocked Soon


Oculus is unlocking the bootloader on the discontinued Oculus Go. This will allow side loading an unlocked OS (also being released by Oculus) with full root access. Or in theory a different OS, but how well that would work without Oculus' software is another matter.


John Carmack announced it a few days ago.

He's hoping it will set a precedent at Oculus (so maybe a rooted Quest 1 at some point?).


The Go is still a great little media device, extending it's life is cool. Shame the controller is no longer sold though.


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It's interesting. Could bring second life to the device. A way for VR to develop and test new things.

People could try to integrate some external controllers and headset trackers. Or some could try to implement open source VR OS.


You could use USB-OTG cable with it. So even wired devices are possible.


Great news. GO was my favorite HMD for the VR Real Estate industry. Since most home walkthroughs in VR use a 360 camera, GO was perfect due to both GO and 360 Media being equally limited to 3DoF.


It would be great to see GO continue down the path of Business/Enterprise that are strictly 3DoF. It makes the supply chain to incorporate VR much more reasonable and affordable.


Not through a lack of trying,  I'm no longer able to build working GO apps in either Unity or Godot.  If this new OS changes that I'd be over the moon.


Regardless,  my compliments to John Carmack for making this effort.   Its just nice to know that someone at Oculus does care this much.