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Oculus Home not launching games from console 3D object now?


When did this happen?


I came back to it to find out it no longer launches games from the console object?!?


So i did a reinstall......same thing. Is anyone having this issue besides me? If it's intentional it's a real WTF situation for Oculus home and it's time to move out and find better lodgings (certainly not Steam home).


Can anyone recommend a "home" software that can do what Oculus Home can do, where you can connect homes to portals and launch games from a 3D media device like a console?


Because, in all honesty, i'm tired of them not coming out and saying, "We've basically abandoned the project" when it's pretty obvious they haven't made any 'real' strides to update it.


I know Quest 2 is trying to make a better home but their built in deal just isn't washing at the moment.