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Oculus Rift + Touch now $399

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Just saw a post over at reddit

For a limited time Oculus Rift and Touch will be $399.  Hopefully this will help a lot of people make the jump into VR.  😄
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Thank goodness for Amazon Prime Day.  Got the Rift bundle for $399 with a $100 Amazon gift card tossed in.  Fantastic deal!

that is an insane deal and i must admit i am a little jealous (in a good way )

congrats and enjoy!.
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Amazon have done nothing for me and oculus just aren't bothered because i bought from amazon they say its up to amazon. 2nd gen VR won't be oculus just no customer care at all.


vannagirl said:

on the downside, he just got a new gf, hes kind of obsessive so this may put and end to that little relationship 😘

Aww yeah, and thanks to VR Porn he's about to acquire 10 new gf's. Minimum. :#

An electronics /games chain here sells the Oculus 2nd hand for €600 for some reason, but the upside is they gave me €372 for my old one (not including my touch controllers),  its a bit worn form a lot of use. I am now buying a new one. So for a little more than the price or a 3rd sensor I get a new Oculus a 3rd sensor and spare pair or touch controllers. not a bad deal.

BTW Oculus is  €450 here.
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After being bombarded with adds I bought the Oculus rift + Touch for 598£ about just over a month ago the next thing I know they do another marketing campaing reducing the price to 399£ can anyone at Oculus see how running 2 advertising campaings with that big of a price difference could antagonise their customers?  this is not fair at all. I am not asking 200£ back but at least an store coupon or something because I feel scammed  each time I see your products now 

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Well technically the price a month ago was not an ad campaign, it was a permanent price cut Oculus made on the Rift a few months ago.

This latest one is a sale price for limited time.

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nitrams19 said:

CrashFu said:

Does anyone think there is any chance Oculus might give me store credit to make up for the fact that I spent an extra $200 buying it in the wrong summer sale?

If the sale event was recent enough, they might!   Oculus support has been very generous with handing out store credits in these sort of circumstances so far.  Won't know until you ask them, my advise is just to make a request as politely as possible and see.

Of course, since you got the $100 store credit as a bonus from that other promotion, the best to hope for would be an additional $100, right?

I bought from amazon uk 2 weeks ago and have contacted oculus but they basically don't care.To have a summer sale event and so soon after then reduce prices by such an amount is wrong, they must have known of the reduction when running the summer promotion. If i'd purchased 6 or 8 month ago a wouldn't be bothered as i would had the use of it. They told me to contact amazon but can't see me getting anything. I can see why amazon stopped the price reduction guarantee when companys act like this.

Oculus also told me it's down to Amazon who already told me no rebate. 

they would alienate practicley every new buyer if it was only affordable because it was obsolete, especially after saying there would be nothing new before 2018.

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Has anyone had any luck with amazon.