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Honored Guest

For too long I've been clinging to my OG rift but I just can't justify buying a new headset, even an aftermarket rift S which should be strictly better (except for refresh rate) but we need a wireless PCVR only headset it's time I don't want onboard processing adding weight, I don't want a hardware device that needs to be canned when Meta stops supporting it in favor of the new thing, I just need a headset that connects to my PC over air and screen res/refresh rate that the wireless connection can support. Not buying anything else I've held out this long and you know what it's not been hard it does what I need it to the tether is just annoying. I get it you don't want to give us a product that will last a long time and give value to customers when you can just charge us constantly but there comes a point when awareness reaches its zenith and people just don't buy into your ecosystem anymore