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Parental Control Downsides

Honored Guest

I have only recently learned of the Parental Controls, and I already hate them. To all parents who have the case of, “ I got my kid a cool headset for a holiday and now they don’t do anything,” welcome to what happens when you give kids fun stuff that wasn’t even entirely projected towards five year olds. But anyways, I signed up to be a beta tester, and I was given access. To parents who don’t know anything about modern technology and new stuff for it, this is a really big deal, but made impossible for me due to parental controls. It is very simple, idiotically, everything is blacklisted by default, and a closed beta is not shown to anyone without access to it. So, for a child to play a beta, whether or not the parent is fine with allowing it, the parent cannot unless they were to have signed up for the beta, and been given access. This is because, though the child can see they have the game, since the parent doesn’t have access, they can’t see the game, and if they can’t see the game, they can’t whitelist the game, and if they can’t whitelist it, even the parent, who is meant to be in control isn’t any longer in control, and nor is the child. This is a massive problem, and I am really pissed at it. I, a trusted child, was forced into the group of untrusted children, who are untrusted, but only able to be untrusted due to witless parents not knowing that children can want stuff, even when it isn’t made for them, like an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, which is not made for a kid that doesn’t even know how to count to ten. I don’t enjoy being a trusted human being, forced into a group of other kids who can’t even be trusted not to eat the yummy tasting vitamins just because the parents put those vitamins in a bowl on the counter like candy. Stupid parents, with stupid children, make it hard for anyone with at minimum half a brain cell to do anything they should be able to. The people in charge of this choice were rushed into making it in five minutes, and sending it out to the public, not caring to think about things like, “what happens with closed betas?” Or other general stuff they would have thought of if the mass of dim parents hadn’t been dim in the first place. Thank you to anyone who reads this, and I hope you will help this issue be very quickly noticed so that the bugs of rushed, and unpatched features will be patched, and maybe even having future features not even be rushed.