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Pitching a product to meta

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Recently, my father, brother and I developed a Working device that enables VR movement in a unique and innovative way. 

It is almost fully complete from plastics, electronics, code, etc... and barely requires any finishing touches.

We spent a good amount of time on making it cost effective and convenient to use, thus making us think it has a lot of potential to succeed in the industry.

My question is:

1. How do we approach meta to schedule a pitch for such a thing. we already tried a few of the support options that didn't provide progress or useful contacts, and are at quite a loss as to where to go with this.

As mentioned, we truly think it has enough potential to be adopted by meta if only given a chance for a presentation.

If there isn't a practical path towards that, then my second question is:

2. Can anyone provide some companies associated with VR / sports products that are capable of taking over the whole process, and are likely to listen to independent devs?

Essentially, what we want is to sell the product for royalties. 

Thanks in advance to anybody that might answer, we would really appreciate any help in taking this forward 🙂


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey! First off, that's really awesome that your family are working on a movement focused VR device. I think a lot of people in the VR community can't wait until we start getting movement and haptic focused accessories and devices. With that said, it's probably going to be a little difficult to get in front of anyone at Meta to pitch a product. Mainly because Meta has their own product engineers who they've hired to build and develop these things. I do think your second question has a bit more legs though... your best bet is to look for smaller companies who you could collaborate with or sell to, that way you can have an edge over the big guys like Meta. I wish you luck and hope to see your idea out in the public some day!

PS (small disclaimer) these are my own individual opinions and suggestions and in no way reflect Meta's own opinions or suggestions 🙂 

sausage gravy

Hi @Sisyphus2.0 just a question... do you need Meta's buy in for this? does the SDK lack elements that prevent you from integrating your product? Are you looking to have any further development done by Meta?

As @biscuitsngravyy said, you could contact another company for colaberation with elements that you need, not only to compete with Meta but also to sell hardware that works with Meta devices.

It's a big financial risk, getting a product to market I know. I guess Meta are always looking at what's out there and if it sparks their interest enough (and it's not something they're already looking into themselves) they'll get involved, probably more likely to buy the company than invest in it.

If your device is unique though, that's a big deal, and I assume you've looked into patenting it, I know that's not cheap either.

On the plus side, Meta take a long time to get hardware and even software to market, so working with a smaller agile company could be beneficial.

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