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Possible help for motion-sickness.


Hi everyone. Ive been reading some threads about various people suffering from in-game motion-sickness. This is basically where your eyes are telling your brain that you are moving but your ears are contradicting them by telling the brain you are stationary. The reverse happens in a car for example when you are playing on your mobile phone and get motion-sick. This is due to your eyes telling your brain that you are stationary  but again your ears are contradicting the eyes by telling your brain that you are in fact actually moving. This triggers a reaction in the brain basically saying its confused and makes you feel sick. I had never before in my entire life suffered from any kind of motion sickness until I purchased my Quest 2. The rollercoaster game made me want to chuck up all over my living room. I had to take the headset off and take a break. I went to the chemist the next day and asked the Pharmacist what she would recommend for motion sickness. She asked how would I be travelling and didn't even look surprised when I said by VR. She knew exactly what I meant as she had been asked this many times before. Anyway, she gave me some Kwells and I took one an hour before I was going to play again and just like magic the majority of the motion sickness disappeared. It was incredible. I was able to play the roller-coaster with practically no view-limitation visor. I'm from the UK and Kwells is what I would recommend. If you suffer from in-game motion-sickness, pop along to your local pharmacy and ask them to recommend something for you. It made my playing on the Quest 2 a much better experience. 

One last thing, if you have any other motion-sickness remedies, please let us know by replying below. I hope this helps at least one of you . Cheers guys and gals for reading.


Travel Sickness tablets.
Did not think about needing to pop pills to use Oculus Quest 2 when i bought it.

It's incredibly common when you start using VR. Like sea-sickness, it gradually wears off as your brain adjusts. Rather than popping pills (although kwells are pretty benign as long as you swallow them quickly) it's better to ease yourself into VR slowly if you can with short, comfortable experiences. My first VR game was Dirt rally. The first stage took me 4 minutes and 30 seconds and I felt ill for three days.

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Fire up you favorite search engine in your browsers and search on "Epley Manuever" or "Brandt-Daroff exercise". There a plenty of videos as well on youtube or other sites that explain and demonstrate these treatments for vertigo, some of which you can do on your own.

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Seasickness after a cruise should last only a few days. Most people get sea legs for a few minutes after disembarking. Over-the-counter medications like Benadryl or Dramamine can minimize motion and land sickness.