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Rift - End of an Era

Honored Visionary

The news that the stocks of Rift-S will not be replenished now they have expired, for me marks the end of the Rift era of this current generation. Obviously Oculus can relaunch the line down the road, but have made it clear they are 100% focused on Standalone from this point onwards.

Full Story here:

The Rift 1 (Consumer Version One - CV1) was the real reason for many to start following the Oculus story,, and the first consumer production system of this new generation (after supporting the GearVR, DK2 and DK1.).

This is also a interesting point. The confirmation on the reality of ever seeing a CV2 in this generation, the reality of the Half Dome presentations. And obviously now the questions regarding the missed opportunity of missing out on a CV2.

We have seen HP step into the breach for many with a PC-VR solution, especially supporting its partnership with Valve. And obviously there are many that promote the Quest2 Link as being a acceptable alternative to needing a Rift line. 

I just thought as some are so keen to mark the last five years of Oculus VR, that we should at least mark the ending of an era that started this latest phase of consumer VR adoption. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

That is just heartbreaking and moreso as we came so close to it, oh well at lest we have the Index for to fall back on at this point, and the PSVR II is on the way, and even possibly a Index II in the works, so it's all still looking very good for the dedicated PCVR/CVR HMDs

CV1/Vive-knuckles)/Dell Vr Visor/Go/Quest II/ PSVR.

Quality of quantity any day of the week, and some may be happy with man made nylon but once you have worn silk there is no going back. 😉

CV1/Vive-knuckles)/Dell Vr Visor/Go/Quest II/ PSVR.

Honored Visionary

Yes, it is a shame that the PCVR side of things is being treated as offensive - and that all is Standalone.
I understand the need for 1b users in VR, and that this can only be achieved with low cost and production reduction. It just was not the pony I signed up for so its why I morn the loss of Rift.

As a Quest2 owner for work I see the convivence - but I still need the level of performance from a CV1 or HP. I look forward to seeing in September what the Quest Pro has to offer as a compromise to this position. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Arm with patience! It is not the time yet 🙂

Have you seen Ready Player One? There were all sorts of hardware.


First we had minimal "demo" (DK). Next it was a "great demo for small audience" (Rift).

Now is a "market grows" time. So more people in it.

And then devs will have money to make great PC-VR again. I hope so 🙂

Honored Visionary

As always, thanks for your views on this.

I was not one of those that "loved" the portrayal of immersive tech in RPO - I was always dubious of the poor description of the "Meteverse" in the book, and the difficulty to portray this in the film. And as we have seen the original book has aged badly, and the new book has been labeled a poor read. Some times the zeitgeist of tech is better captured for the period it is aimed for. And handing free copies to staffers will look foolish in hindsight. 

I agree we have to look at a path of transition - but I also feel that forcing a business to bloom is like cutting a rose from its bud before it is ready to bloom. 

The CV2 would have lead in a direction of PCVR adoption at an expensive price, needing expensive PC's and some sett-up. Quest allowed a simple set up and lower cost if prepared to adopt ecosystem business. Could the two co-exist in the current Shame.

Time to move on. 

Thank you for this and other observations in the past. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

I think you can't call it a "shame". That is how business works. You need lot's of resources to develop for small market (both people and money).

And... you need graphics cards. Abrash told they are not ready yet for great powerful VR (even top models).

So It is a reasonable business decision to use all resources for mobile(+link) device solution (both consumer and business markets).

I hope business will use it more and then it will return back as a more ordinary device to more people for home use.


They are not trying to broke the wall. They are going around it. That is a clever move for VR market for the next 10 or more years perspective I think.


Popularity is a key for long distance survival for VR.

Ok you have seen "a glimpse of a future" with Rift. Now back to harsh reality 😉

Honored Visionary

Greatly appreicate the measured and accurate observations.

I use the word "shame" not as a cry of anger, but as a shrug of the shoulders. Shame at a missed opportunity, rather than placing all the eggs in one basket.

I agree they have decided to avoid the wall and go round it, hoping that their garden will offer a means to accelerate growth.

My greatest concern has been the hyperbole, that you could say Oculuis has not festereed, but has been hoisted upon them. We understand that the company avoids giving clear statements - but I still can not ignore that allowance of some manipulation. As we saw going up to the launch of the Quest2 certain parties (unsported by Oculus) attempted to claim a CV2 was "just round the corner" - that does not help. 
But as I have said, the PCVR route is not for Oculus at this point - it will be a factor in their future, and I am sure the QuestPro will offer a better means to experience, what I feel is a more immersive VR future.
Thanks again. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

If everything fails, I've heard of another hmd, what was the name ... Geverp? ... Snowarp? ... something like that, I think HP made them with stolen Valve headphones 



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"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

@kevinw729 wrote:

Yes, it is a shame that the PCVR side of things is being treated as offensive - and that all is Standalone.


That reverse seems to be happening, where Standalone is being treated as offensive and that all is PCVR. If we read what Quest users are actually saying, it's that they are enjoying both Mobile AND PCVR. PCVR is very much loved and inclusive of Quest users. It is not offensive to Quest users at all. Yet the strict PCVR users seem to treat Standalone as offensive. Which yes, is a shame.

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Oh yeah baby, it is called Reverb G2 and it is pretty awesome.