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Rift - End of an Era

Honored Visionary

The news that the stocks of Rift-S will not be replenished now they have expired, for me marks the end of the Rift era of this current generation. Obviously Oculus can relaunch the line down the road, but have made it clear they are 100% focused on Standalone from this point onwards.

Full Story here:

The Rift 1 (Consumer Version One - CV1) was the real reason for many to start following the Oculus story,, and the first consumer production system of this new generation (after supporting the GearVR, DK2 and DK1.).

This is also a interesting point. The confirmation on the reality of ever seeing a CV2 in this generation, the reality of the Half Dome presentations. And obviously now the questions regarding the missed opportunity of missing out on a CV2.

We have seen HP step into the breach for many with a PC-VR solution, especially supporting its partnership with Valve. And obviously there are many that promote the Quest2 Link as being a acceptable alternative to needing a Rift line. 

I just thought as some are so keen to mark the last five years of Oculus VR, that we should at least mark the ending of an era that started this latest phase of consumer VR adoption. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Same here