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Second Sensor?

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My room is moderate in size for my rift. I ordered the touch and know it is coming with a sensor. My first sensor is fine where it sits but i'm going to need about 20 feet of cable to wrap the cord around my room assuming it connects with USB. Any ideas on what the second sensor will be like? USB to pc? Length? Thanks!

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same as the one you have + a 5m extension cable

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The sensor that comes with Touch is the same one that comes with Rift. The extra sensor you can buy separately has an extension cable. In general, you'll want the 2 sensors on the same desk about 5 feet apart, which you can do without any extra cables.
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Just to help visualise what Cyber was saying, this is what the 'default' setup for Touch will be out of the box without having to buy a third sensor.


If you want to do room scale with 2 sensors then you'll need to buy a USB extension cable.

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Will it matter on the height of the sensor?

If they are to be ideally 5' apart, I will have to put one on my desk and the other probably on the floor for now.
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You will definitely want it higher rather than lower.

It might be worth investing in some sort of camera mount, something along the lines of the one below, to clip it up high, aiming down.

Wouldn't opposing corners make more sense than the example above? I mean in that example if you turn around it can only track the small triangle on the back of the rift

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@Agterbosch yeah so the example I posted is for 'front facing' which is the default setup since not everyone can setup opposing corners. I for example don't have anywhere to setup opposing corners so for the time being I'm going to go with the default front facing set up.

If you wanted to set up opposing corners then you will need both sensors to be above head height looking down on you like the Vive.

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How far apart can the sensors be placed without loosing most tracking of the touch controllers??
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How far apart can the sensors be placed without loosing most tracking of the touch controllers??

Just from memory I think the sensor can track up to 3M before it starts getting buggy. Someone correct me if I'm wrong