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Syncing Multiple headsets to play video

Level 2
I work for a anti-trafficking non-profit and am interested in having 10-20 headsets play one 360 video all at the same time with little room for user error for a special event.

In other words, if guests could put the headset on and one point-person can press play and everyone sees the same thing at the same time, that would be awesome. Anyone know if this is possible or how to go about it? Only just bought an Oculus GO last week to begin testing, so any advice or help would be awesome!


Level 15
The Oculus Rooms app allows you to share video with a group of people connected via the internet. I haven't used it that much, but I believe if you upload a 360 video to Facebook, you can watch it together with a group of people. Not sure about having 20 people at once. You might also want to check some of the 3rd party video apps.
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Level 4
I've seen settings in the Samsung VR Video app that make me think it might be able to do what you want.

Level 4

I don't have a Go yet, only Rift, but I do have a Mirage VR180 camera. For me, using a Go to allow me to watch photos and videos together with someone else using the Rift and the Go simultaneously would be the killer use case for the Go.

From googling around the only thing I found that sounds like it might do what I want is something called vr-sync but it appears to be prohibitively expensive for casual use.

Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of software? Is there anything usable and affordable out yet?

And since I want to preserve the quality as much as possible, I don't think that anything that involves uploading to facebook or youtube or a PC desktop sharing app would cut it.

Level 2
Showtime VR synchronises well such playbacks - You can remotely control playback of 360 degrees videos from one device, play synchronically to all headsets. You need to write to for the free trial to test it. It works stably, also by non-profit organisations for events and fundraising, including Greenpeace, Corris, Plan International, UN VR in Davos. The system was also used for the last 2 years to manage the official VR programme at Cannes Film Festival. 

Level 4
Thanks for the hint. Does it support Rift? Doesn't look like it from what I can see on the website.

Level 3
Stille rather expensive for business use, strange there isn´t any affordable apps that can do the trick.

Level 4

We launched a new version of VR Sync which offers synchronized virtual reality (360) playback.  It starts at just 5 euro's per devices for a week license which is really affordable. You can get a free trial!

Level 2

HI, did you get this to work?

I'm making films on things like knife crime and county lines and want to cast one video across 10-15 headsets in schools! I'm looking for some sort of app that will allow me to push play on one device and the other 9-14 will see the same thing?