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Teacher needs help with 30 Go's

Honored Guest

I wonder if anyone here can help me. I am a high school teacher who just inherited a full class set of oculus go's. ( new not used ) I have a Quest 2 myself and am able to sideload to that no problem. I can't seem to get the Go to do anything with the computer. it is in developer mode. I have downloaded what I believe to be the right usb drivers. But, the headset is not asking for any permissions when attached to computer and sidequest is not seeing it. I have tried a couple youtube tutorials on how to do it.. and also had a student who owned a quest go to try.. nothing.. So anyone. HELP .. please...


Honored Guest

when connected to SideQuest just Enable USB ADB in side quest command line

then it should ask for permission .

if not try to execute the command ( disconnect everything ) in side quest command line then 

Enable USB ADB in side quest command line again.

I have multiple OGos and had the same issue with some of them and this always works for me.


I use a very easy sideloading program I downloaded for free here:
It´s very easy to install or delete apk files with this small program. Just install the program and connect your Go to your PC og Mac with the USB cable and you should be good to go.
The GO has to be put in developer mode from your smartphone.