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The Vision Pro Makes me sad..

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As Heavy High end pcvr guy , the vision pro just makes me angry that we can't seem to get two things that go together.

I've invested way too much money to get the best experience from VR, 4090 , Crystal, currently but have owned Aero, (kx, g2 ,Vive pro 2 get it. I've had every iteration of the quest. Yay.

Having the Vision Pro for 3 days now, seeing how great an actual is for vr/are is vs Android based Launcher or terrible PC front end software..... The biggest hurdle to VR, just getting into the environment is essentially removed, amazing screens, amazing battery life, etc from a company THAT DOESN'T LET YOU GAMEON IT.

So over here we have super expensive PC with wired headset and bugs, and friction. OR standalone quest, which (while admittedly great for the money) with laggy software and not quite pcvr level games. On the other hand, we have a company who put out something on their first effort that kind of puts all of this other stuff to shame, had the capability to play pcvr level games BUT the company doesn't want you to use it for that..

Seems like we can't ever get two things that go together.



Another Vision Pro thread, another copy/paste from reddit.


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