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Thinking of buying but need to know...

I am thinking of buying the DK2 to mainly play with but also some small hacking... But i have some questions...

I wear glasses due to poor eye-sight will this effect me?
Do remotes (tv, ect) effect the tracking?
If something is bad on my kit is there a warranty of some sort or will i be out of $350?
What is the current status for the DK2? How long before the next version of Oculus?

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Don't order dk2 if you aren't a developer. That's the official word from Oculus.

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"EarlGrey" wrote:
Don't order dk2 if you aren't a developer. That's the official word from Oculus.

And to be a developer all you have to do is check a checkbox saying you are.

Just saying...

I think the issue that people will take up with you is that if you buy it and don't like it, that you aren't supposed to be going on the forums complaining how bad it is when it obviously wasn't meant for public consumption.

Sometimes people go as far as saying that constructive criticism is not allowed because of this, but anyways...

It's not like there are documented hundreds of videos of people (some of whom are celebrated on the internet of this very community) of non-developers enjoying their Oculus Rift.

That said, I don't have a DK2 so I can't recommend it one way or another, but from my impressions from the reviewers is that the DK2 doesn't always work perfectly as one would expect so you might need to be technically proficient at resolving computer related problems as it is not intended for public consumption.

And to answer these questions...

It is possible to wear glasses with the rift but people use the vision correcting lenses (B cups). With the DK1 I wore C cups and I didn't have to wear my glasses to see things clearly. With the DK2 I believe its just a B cup now.

I don't know about TV remotes but I do believe the DK2 camera is infrared, but I haven't read anyone who said they had a problem.

Lastly, Oculus Rift has a warranty and I've read posts of people who had their DK1s replaced due to technical problems. I suspect they would do with the DK2, but you may want to make sure. Even developers would want that because not everyone works for a AAA title company and fund their own game development out of their own pockets. However, if you buy a DK2 off Ebay it won't be supported.

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I think it is possible and recommended to wear your glasses while using the DK2 instead of changing the lenses, but still, there are 2 pairs of lenses intended for that.

I don't know what infrared frequencies the LEDs in the DK2 use, it is an interesting question.

If it arrives broken you should probably contact Oculus and they'll sort you out.

As for the developer stuff, here is my take on it (similar to VonFelty's but his post wasn't there while I was writing this 😛 😞

this is a Development Kit, intended for development. As such, it still has bugs and issues (both in hardware and software) like cromatic aberration, the true black smudging problem, positional tracking still done with a camera, problems with the SDK to run applications, crashes, etc.

Of course most of these problems are currently being worked on and will be solved and improved with time (although there may be things that won't be solved until CV1 comes out like physical IPD-adjustment for the lenses maybe (IF it ends up being included, maybe not)).

Since this isn't a product intended for final consumers, the support you can get from Oculus will be different as if it was one.

Besides all I have said, it is way better than DK1, and games available for DK2 will probably be a lot of fun although currently there are very few ready.

So that's why Oculus recommends to wait for the consumer version. Still, lots of people seem to keep buying it even knowing that, so make you choice 😛

You are welcome to buy it if you want, but dk2 still has issues in general that would make most consumers upset. Biggest one at the moment being black smear and how to get games working with it. Most of the dk2 demos I've tried tonight work, but it took a fair amount of finagling and a bit of googling to get things working right. There is still noticeable motion blur (to me at least, fairly considerable motion blur), though that may be able to be fixed with code, it's different then dk1 motion blur. And there is also the issue of stuttering when using direct to rift mode without having it set to monitor mode on unity projects. I personally also still see a lot of screen door effect. Not as noticeable as dk1, but still very noticeable to me.

It needs a lot of work still. I agree, it's much much better then dk1, but it still has issues. If you don't mind those issues and the possibility of other issues not found yet, and can't contain your excitement, then buy one. Otherwise, hold off. Even if you want to try some hacking stuff, it's probably not worth it at the moment.

I also suggest if you really want one, to post on reddit and/or here asking if someone is close to you with one, and if they mind letting you try it.