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VR question

Honored Guest

Hello everyone!

I am considering to buy a new VR headset. I was looking to the Valve Index.The only thing is that there a very long time rumours about a new one Valve headset, which makes me wait and wait for it.

Right now I got the oculus rift S, which is working fine, but I was wondering if the Valve Index would be a real upgrade like better accuracy of the (hands) movement?

If so, would I wait for Christmas for some discount on it, or did it never had a discount at all

Would you advice me to play in the living room, instead of the small computer room? I accidently punch the closet already while playing Blade and Sorcery. If it was the other way, I would have to buy a new window.


Problem with the Valve Index follow up (Deckard) is that there is no date for if and when that will be released.

The Valve Index is very old - are they still being sold?  If you have a good PC and good network you would be much better off buying a Quest 3 which will be a huge upgrade to the Rift S that you have.

Do your best to have as much play space as possible - that's always good advice.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

Expert Protege

Don't buy the Quest 3 at the moment. There is a serious wifi lag issue.. similar to reprojection. Many many reports of this online.. including me. Meta havent fixed it and quite honestly I dont think they will any time soon. Every update it gets worse. They really havent a clue. Get yourself a decent headset like Big Screen Beyond. Thats what I should of done. Suckerberg is raking in the $ and we're sat at home with a screwed headset.