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What will virtual reality be like in 50 years

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Last night I watched a documentary about how we might be living in simulated reality it’s self, and they where talking about how video games went from that old pong game, to the unreal engine 5 where the people in the games look so real. Well what will virtual reality look like in 64 years from now, since we are probably in the nes era of vr headsets right now. Will vr even need a headset, will vr be implemented using lucid dreams.



Predicting the exact future of VR in 64 years is challenging, but it's likely to be significantly advanced. VR may not require headsets; it could involve direct brain-computer interfaces or immersive holographic environments. Lucid dream integration is an exciting possibility, but ethical and technical challenges need to be addressed.

The evolution of VR will likely be as profound as the transition from Pong to Unreal Engine 5 in gaming.

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In 50 years? I feel like there'll definitely be some holograms of sorts with an immersion feeling that we can only imagine right now. 

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