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Why facebook do this crazy function? No privacy when you let people play your headset.

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When you launch messenger on meta quest, it still not have any problem when we need to login with user and password.

But when I try to use "Browser" today.

I found that it ask me about login by "facebook account"

When I try to test, it ask me to continue to as my facebook account, when I done and when I try to open facebook on shortcut. It success to access the facebook account and can read all "messenger"!!!

Why are you making the crazy feature?

What will happened when we let people to play for a period or borrow for a day and they can read all facebook or do anything with our facebook account when you allow to login by facebook without using any password.



The new Meta accounts releasing next month should address this issue.


Meta accounts are free and you're allowed to make multiple accounts, so you could just make a 'Meta Guest' account, add that account to your headset as a secondary account, enable secure login for your primary account, and have friends/guests use the secondary 'Meta Guest' account when they use the headset. Thus, this would still allow access to your games, but not allow access to your primary account info.

I'm sure Meta realized having everyone use only a Facebook account wasn't sustainable and wasn't realistic, since many users of the Quest2 are those under the age of 13 yo (min age for Facebook profile is 13), and you could only make 1 account per person. Thus, many kids were signed in under their parent's accounts.  Now, those parents can create a dedicated Meta account for their kids to use.

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Meta accounts are also limited to 13+ just like Facebook accounts. The Quest EULA also says the headset can not be used by under 13s.


But yeah, the Meta account thing next month should fix bubbleball's concerns.

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