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Xbox 1S compatibility

Honored Guest
Hi Folks,

totally non tech dad needs help! 7 year old son wants VR for Christmas and I need to know if Rift is compatible with Xbox 1 S, are all games compatible and how does it connect with Xbox.

Sorry these questions may seem simple but I am a very simple man to quote Lynyrd Skynyrd!

Any help is much appreciated!

Honored Visionary
Nope not compatible in any way unfortunately despite it being touted as a potential feature during one of Microsoft's keynotes showing games being played on large screen inside the Rift.  There's potential for Xbox One Scorpio to support VR but no one knows anything about this at present so not worth thinking about until perhaps E3 next year. I recently upgraded to an Xbox One S as well btw.

System Specs: MSI NVIDIA RTX 4090 , i5 13700K CPU, 32GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 11 64 Bit OS.