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Purchased a gift card

purchased a gift card to giveaway on stream. i live in Canada and the winner is in America. cant accept the gift card, support wont change currency and its non refundable. i was torn between headsets but the decision is clear i will never purchase an...

On a budget, sold all my stuff. I miss VR. What do?

Had to move across the country. Sold most of the things I could part with to afford the move. Sold my PS4 pro, sold my Index, sold my gun stocks pretty much sold everything VR that I had. I still have my gaming PC though. Should I just buy an Oculus ...

wezza2 by Honored Guest
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4090 vs Reverb G2 for PCVR Gaming?

Buying a 4090 13900k in 3 months. Pico 4 is perfect except for the lack of DP port for PCVR. Has controllers, cheaper than the reverb with no controllers. I have heard many people who have a fantastic picture for vr gaming, and many who could not get...

toror5 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Ask about Beat Saber in oculus quest 2

1. After I buy beat saber, do I have to buy another song? or are there only a few songs that are free?2. can the beat saber purchased at the oculus store also be able to use a mod like beat saber on steam? Thank You

oculus rift s

my HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop - 16-a0006nl does not have a display port how can I fix the problem? it has usb, type c network, hdmi sockets

lgrazia by Honored Guest
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Quest 2

Hello, I have recently gotten into vr within the last year and I have heard a lot of talk about metas new anti-piracy measures and such coming out. I wad wondering if using sidequest on a quest 2 headset could get you in any trouble or the console it...

What to buy?

I have owned a Rift S for a while and wanted to upgrade since that is a pretty poor headset. I have been looking for PCVR headsets (mostly to play VR shooters) and can't find one I am looking for. The HP Reverb G2 has terrible controllers and the Ind...

yukler by Honored Guest
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Meta Workrooms - 'Remote Desktop Disconnected'

I opened Meta Workrooms on my Quest 2 today (May 18 2023 @ 3PM ET) and was forced to install an update to use the app. It was working fine prior to that.It recognizes my Mac M1 Pro and automatically connects to it, but it then tries to load the scree...

Oculus=Worst money ever spent, period

everything about it is terrible, every aspect. Want to play a game? hope your ready to make an email account.....then an oculus account......then a meta account.....then a facebook account......Forgot to mention in that process, your password will be...

bouzi420 by Explorer
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Workrooms/Zoom Integration not working

Has anyone been able to join a Zoom meeting from Workrooms? This feature was just released and it's supposed to work with a basic Zoom account, but I haven't had much luck. I was able to add a zoom meeting to my calendar and assign it to a workroom. ...

Vinoh by Adventurer
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Immersive technology AR and VR

Hi All, I'm conducting my bachelor thesis research on the role immersive technology has on the tourism and hospitality industry. I invite you to participate in my survey.

Skyrim VR stuttering

So last night was my first time getting to know PCVR and how to get it to work, hopefully this helps someone. I bought Skyrim VR and Virtual Desktop and thought thats all I needed, tried to play skyrim, wouldn't work, looked it up and I needed SideQu...

Resolved! Transfering Games to Other Meta Account Profile

HelloI have bought Meta Quest 2 Oculus with three game from a person. The owner has his own account, with his own games.As I have bought the Oculus from him, I need to have access to his games and I don´t want to use his account because,now, the Ocul...

zema53 by Honored Guest
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User name

I’m not sure but for some reason my sons meta account got linked to my insta gram and now my Instagram name is displaying as his username and now it’s saying it can’t be changed for 6 months I do not want my 11 yr old to have my ADULT insta username ...

Resolved! Casting Multiple Quest 2s to one PC

Hi everyone,I'm looking to do a program where users will play VR games in the meta quest 2 headsets. The scenario that I'd like to run is that I would like to see what the users see through casting. This is because I need to guide them on how to use ...

Steam VR- Gorilla Tag

hello i was wondering if you could help me when i join gorilla tag in steamvr i can not play with people i was wondering if you could help me with that you cant help with steamvr.

Oculus link nor air link not working

I have a cable that I got from amazon that works when I use side quest its called the auke ian and it works fine but it still wont connect my oculus and im wondering is something wrong is it my usb ports that isn't allowing it to connect or if its th... by Honored Guest
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VR noob need some guidance.

Hi all. I recently decided that I really want to get into VR to add another layer to my gaming experience. Some of the games that I think would be amazing with VR are no man's sky and flight simulator. Some exercise games would be great as well. I kn...

b1oldie by Honored Guest
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Vr video quality

This is all new to me so I really don’t understand what I’m doing on the quest 2 but so far it’s been fun the you tube videos I’ve watched seem to be blurry to me I’ve tried adjusting the headset a bunch of ways but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to l...

Bad experience in VR videos in browser meta quest 2

Hello,Sorry for my bad english.It's hard to focus when I am looking 360 VR video in browser with my meta quest 2.I have the same problem with this person in this post. probl...

Rendered versus natural resolution. Need clarification.

I would like to clarify in my mind the comparisons of the meta-quest 2 versus the meta-quest pro. More than half the sites I researched compare the resolution of the two as meta-quest 2 1832 x 1920 and the meta-quest pro 1800 x 1920. This seems to me...

Can’t use some older apps.

I am 13 years old and got a vr headset and have games like bonelab and Blade and Sourcery that would work fine for a while but now say that I’m too young to play. Even thought I could play them for a while it says there pegi 16. I can’t change my bir...