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Resolved! quest 2 Headset and controllers communication

Hello can someone please explain to me in what ways the headset and the control in the quest 2 communicate with each other.(What kind of sensors responsible for what movement recognition etc...)

Resolved! Oculus help

I am desperate fr help. My 8 year old has a oculus but his mom set it up in her boyfriend Facebook account. Boyfriend is out of the picture now and unreachable. Mom is in the hospital in icu and y grandson accidentally logged out of his account. I di...

cant cast my oculus 2 on phone or samsung tv

Hello, Today i bought my oculus 2...i ve been trying to cast it on my phone or samsung tv but it doesnt work. One of my friend who have a samsung tv in his house cased oculus 2 by reading this article but unable to do it. I am getting the correct ste...

Games ideas

I was thinking maybe make war game such as red alert? I would like to talk about it.

DeafJoey by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How is the D-Link VR AirBridge now

I'm been trying to figure out whether to buy it or not but I've been seeing many problems. First apparently you are unable to use the internet with it connected and now I hear that it stops connecting after a while. Were any of those fixed over the l...

Quest Link Problem

Hi I have oculus quest 2 and I have a problem with oculus cable link . I was playing ASSETO CORSA on VR with 72HZ At 4028 x 2096 rez without any problems ! But I made a big mistake and update my graphic card drivers and Oculus App . Now I can not pla...

Resolved! Add Spain to Horizon Worlds Registration

ENGLISH (INGLÉS):In Horizon Worlds Registration: Isn't possible to select Spain as Country. Spain doesn't appear in the country list. How it's seen in the next screenshots:   Spain have a big community...

IMG_20211213_120742.jpg IMG_20211213_120759.jpg IMG_20211213_120815.jpg IMG_20211213_120844.jpg

Horizon Workrooms Keyboard support

Do we have a time frame for keyboards to be added as 'native' in Oculus Quest 2? The support keyboard Logitech K830 is OOS and looks very dated. Could we have support for example for Logitech k600 TV keyboard or allow us to add custom keyboard?

QUEST2 BLE pairing issue

Hi everyone, I am trying to connect an Arduino 33 Nano BLE board with the Quest2.The Board does show up in the list of Bluetooth devices, but once selected I get this error. Could not pair with "arduinoBLE" because of an incorrect PIN or passkey Coul...

tirola by Honored Guest
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Having trouble turning on Developer mode.

Yesterday i factory resetted my VR and i decided to try and enable my developer mode to sideload some games, I went to the website to verify my authenticator app, i did it correctly but is still not verified and wondering why.

KyleFX by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Trying to find an affordable laptop to link with oculus 2

I have been trying to find an affordable laptop that will link with the oculus quest2 for my son for Christmas. My budget is around 1200. I have found two that might work. Can anyone please help.

Firekami by Honored Guest
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I bought shiny rocks on a game named gorilla tag a few days back and want a refund

cianb9682 by Honored Guest
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Casque vr .

Bonjour je voudrais savoir quel casque VR utiliser pour voir netflix ou videoprime ou disney plus j'ai cru comprendre qu'il y avais 3 sortes de casque VR le premier avec un téléphone portable le deuxième connecter avec un ordinateur et le troisième s...


i have read alot of oculus users complaints in the forums and im also having the same issue as them as in not getting my replacemet all oculus sent back to me were my controllers and they were sent back in a bad state all scratched up covered in mark...

You can't refund game ?

So I bought blade and sorcery 2 days ago. I played it for less than 2 hours. I uninstalled it already but I can't find the request refund button? Please see my screenshot below and help me if I have miss some steps in between

Allee001 by Honored Guest
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Party Glitches

This has been a problem for about half a year now where, whenever I join a party I cant hear any of my friend and my friends cant hear me. Plus a notification constantly pops up and plays a sound. Ive tried everything I have signed in and out factory...

TMZz by Honored Guest
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How do I post a game review?

This may be a stupid question, but how do I post a game review? I'd like to review some of the games I've purchased, but I don't see how to do that. In fact, I don't even see reviews at all on the Oculus store page.

Danjak by Explorer
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Anyone have connected DJI drone with Quest2?

Wonder is it possible to connect a drone with Quest2 VR. Any software available for that? Even if it is a live rtsp video stream, not the controls etc. Just live video. Would be great if that will be possible. Please keep me updated if anyone find so...


I want buy online a oculus vr quest 2 for my daughter but don't have Portugal at list for send the product. What can I do? Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Meta Quest Pro and Link Cable?

Hi everyone. I'm planning on the installation for around 30 Meta Quest Pro headsets in a classroom environment, to be used in stationary mode. As this will be in a classroom, I'm concerned about the recharging of the batteries. While actual in-class ...

3D (SBS) Animated graphical score

I've been making animated graphical scores for many years, but these have mostly used simple 2D graphics, like this ... Recently, I experimented with 3D/SBS, and made this ...

F1 Racing

I'm looking for some suggestions for my 6 yr old grandson who loves F1 racing. What are so some good VR racing games out there and do I need to purchase a steering wheel and gas/ break peddle too. Love to get your feedback. He's only 5 but the mind o...

Postie109 by Honored Guest
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Just received an email from 'Oculus User Research Study'

I just received an email from Frances Yan, from Oculus User Research Study, saying there's a 2hr in-person research study going on in Vancouver, and if selected, I'll be paid $400 CAD. They use the email I used for this site, my old Oculus account, n...

Spuzzum by Superstar
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