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Albino Lullaby trouble (please help)

How can I completely uninstall Albino Lullaby so I can reinstall it? It will not run. I get the errors of OVR75318303 and 1971014. When I click on uninstall it only removes only about half and I can not reinstall it. Can anyone help me. It is one of ...

ky4jw by Protege
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Something’s missing from Oculus Home after latest update...

You used to be able to take the following path:Oculus Home > Friends sidebar on right > 3 dots next to friend's name > profile If you followed that path, you could see both your friends’ other friends as well as what apps he had purchased. After the ...

How many games do you have lying around uncompleted?

it happens to me all the time: I will be playing a game, and I will get “stuck,” either in terms of not being able to figure out what to do next or not being able to advance any further, and I will just drop a game or lose interest and move onto some...

Does the Rift still work without Touch?

Hey,I have a question regarding Touch. It seems that you can't order the Rift without Touch anymore and Xbox contoller isn't included. I can't for specific health reasons really use the Touch. So can I still use my own Xbox controller instead of Touc...

pruut by Honored Guest
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Is Bridge Crew worth Getting if you have a DK2 and GamePad?

So Bridge Crew is included in the black friday sales... As a DK2 owner my only option to play is through a game pad.My question is, is it worth getting? how much of a disadvantage is a game pad and would I still be able to play online games with peop...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Okay...So Who's In..?

I've been watching a programme called The Path which is about a cult and it's awesome.It's inspired me to start a cult of my own, The VR Church Of Harv. So who's in?It should be noted that everyone in this cult is obligated to have wild rampant sex w...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Room Scale

Hello! I just wanted to confirm that for room-scale, you will need 3 sensors. I can't find recent articles on the matter and wanted to confirm that nothing has changed.Thanks

A Chair In a Room

I downloaded this a while back from steam due to the excellent reviews. Just launched it today and ran into the (expected) a few problems with it.Anyone playing can tell me if there's a way to remap the controls?? It's very difficult for me to use th...

JeremyC85 by Heroic Explorer
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Netflix ninja'd in a VR Icon

I feel as if I missed some major announcement... because when I logged in to Netflix a few moments ago, a sneaky little ninja icon flashed in and out of view. I refreshed the page and clicked it when it appeared, then doned my Rift. Next thing I knew...

suprisingly good 360° video

I saw this piece on Jaunt called Walking with Penguins and it's pretty decent. 3D too if my iz don't deceive me.Generally I hate 360 stuff because of the low clarity and misstitch problems, but this is better quality.Anyone know of others that stand ...

Roaster by Rising Star
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Oculus UI social Invite Not working

Hi there,I'm using the Oculus Social feature of rooms and using there invite system to invite other friends. Now the problem is when I'm using the oculus invite to invite the friendsthen message pop up with saying "Unable to invite the friends" where...

it's quiet.. too quiet :P

are we all waiting on Home 2.0? :smile: or is it just me who's counting down the days till December, and you're all out with Turkey induced coma's??!?

kzintzi by Trustee
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Oculus protection

I've discovered a 'trick' way to protect the inner lining of my Rift.I simply use one of the numerous balaclavas I've received over the years from my karting sessions.They're great to hand out to friends who want to try my rift.I just throw them into...


why does the oculus cost more in europe? the euro is already more expensive.

VaNe453 by Honored Guest
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Why do not your lists have other countries?

Hello, I want to ask the team an oculus! Why can not you establish relations with other countries that are not on your list? What is the reason? I want to know! Maybe I, for my part, can help in this!) With respect from Kazakhstan!

Windows Mixed Reality presentation presentation approaches parody numerous times. But what do you think?

Opinions About Samsung Odyssey HMD

It has two 1440x1600 AMOLED screens. That's twice the pixels of a rift. And the AMOLED should create really black blacks which would fix the problem with dark scenes on the Rift. Now when you apply 1.5 supersampling that's actually 2.25 x the number ...

MowTin by Expert Trustee
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What about Greece?

hi i was ready to buy oculus untill i saw theres no option for Greece like other countries?

skouras by Honored Guest
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Removing Unused Apps from Library

I've already seen a fair amount of threads on this topic where it appears there's no easy to way to fully delete an app from my Oculus library. If this is not possible from the users end, then would someone at Oculus be willing to remove some apps I'...

mn8er by Explorer
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Sample crashing on glEnable(GL_TXTURE_2D)

I have set the OGL version to 4.6 in the OculusWorldDemo sample, and now when I run it it crashes in the file "Render_GL_device.cpp" line 1219 on glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D) error# 1280 (invalid ENUM ). This is obviously a fixed pipeline way of attaching...

jsemeda by Honored Guest
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IMGA Global: calling developers to enter our competition

Hi everyone!The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now!

IMGA by Honored Guest
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Arktika.1 free locomotion?

Does anyone know if this will be added soon? I want to play but can't stand the teleportation (or the very strange HUMONGOUS hands) so playing the waiting game before I start this one. Any update?

JeremyC85 by Heroic Explorer
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How to prevent Home from starting when playing Steam games

Hi all!Just thought i'd share this nifty trick found by user @droseofc while we where troubleshooting some stuff regarding Oculus Tray Tool. If you set Oculus Home to Run as Administrator, it will not automatically launch in the background when start...


my set up cant read my HDMI cable from my headset anymore I have even uninstalled steam from my computer what is my next step