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3D VR FPV - 3D Drone Flights!!!! YouTube VR DARKWINGDUCKFPV I have been making 3D VR drone content for a couple months now. Filmed on stereo cameras and edited in Davinci Resolve. I hope everyone enjoys!

Resolved! Resident Evil 4 VR is an Oculus Quest 2 exclusive

It was announced today that Capcom is partnering with Oculus to bring RE4 over to Quest 2: News: Video announcement: Quite awesome...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Possible help for motion-sickness.

Hi everyone. Ive been reading some threads about various people suffering from in-game motion-sickness. This is basically where your eyes are telling your brain that you are moving but your ears are contradicting them by telling the brain you are sta...

Arko66 by Level 4
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Resolved! Issue - When Guardian is disabled Quest 2 brick

Edit: This is a duplicate of this post, but here I report the issue.Hi. I just discovered an strange bug. HardwareOculus Quest 2 (128 GB)OS Version: Latest (21/04/2022) no Public ChannelToo long didn't readGuardian bricks the headset when (Guardian) ...

SoyNexZ by Level 3
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Oculus App.

Once downloaded on to my PC the oculus app somehow disables sound output to my pc. I do not have a issue with my oculus. My issue is with the app and what it does to my computer. When my computer is done trouble shooting is says some stuff about driv...

Drawing in Horizon Worlds

I believe Horizons Worlds would greatly benefit from have a way to draw. Imagine being able to draw on the same canvas as your friends. It would be incredible and open up endless possibilities. Something as simple as a white board can go a long way.

BUDA559 by Level 2
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Calling 10th/11th gen Intel CPU owners

Is there anyone else who also experiences the issue with Home not loading in Oculus desktop application? When I click Home button the wheel starts spinning but nothing happens afterwards.Home is an UE4 app and there is the well known issue with OpenS...

Resolved! Thinking of getting an oculus

Im wondering if I should get one, but who can answer these questions for me it would be a lot of help! 1. Is the battery life good on the headset? Or do I NEED to buy the elite strap with battery pack2.If there are some tips on what I should do befor...

Spring Jam 2022 questions

I am going to enter the Spring Jam 2022 I want to use some scripts from the Vidyuu essential bundle will that disqualify me from the contest and if it does can I delete the scripts and still be ok?

Motion sickness reduction techniques for first person games

I am making a serious FPS game for safety training for fire scenarios. The problem is that many people complain of motion sickness. Most FPS games on the Oculus store classify as intense in motion sickness. However, Technolust classifies as moderate....

zboson by Level 9
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VR/Motion Sickness

So I've been good with just about every game I've tried many VR games so far and most of them, unfortunately, were a bust. However, that's to be expected there is no standard for VR presently and so there is a lot of experimenting going on. There hav...

Madaras by Level 5
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Motion Sickness in VR - how to test it?

HelloMe and my friend are planning on writing a master's thesis about motion sickness in VR, we have found a plenty of articles and other materials about the subcject but we couldn't find any information on how to properly test it.Also, because it's ...

Binoculus edges on Oculus Quest 2

I've been playing the oculus quest for quite sometime now without any issue so far.. but after letting my friends play yesterday, today I notice a difference when looking through the VR.. I am now able to see binocular black edges which kinda affect ...

Azwee by Level 2
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Controller purchase

I need to purchase a right controller and the website says it's out of stock. 3rd party purchase prices are absolutely outrageous making me wonder if their purchasing all available controllers only to mark up the price 150% because nobody else has th...

Devolver Juego

Hola cómo puedo hacer una devolución del juego que me marea mucho y apenas he jugado? No encuentro ninguna opción y si he leído que se puede devolver

Jesus41 by Level 2
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Can i run vr with a gtx 1050?

Now, i'm trying to make a video about the "cheaper vr rig" possible (and i have to actually build it), i saw that a 960 is the minimum required to run the rift, so i was thinking that a gtx 1050 should be able to run VR, anyone can confirm?

Kalec84 by Level 7
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New and Overwhelmed - Consultant Needed.

Howdy!I'm a novelist and songwriter. My plan is to combine both skill sets and combine them to create my own metaverse experience, but I need help to get my barring and work the kinks out of my plan. Can anyone give me tips on how to find the right c...

Optimize Lipsync

Hi,We are creating a VR multiuser platform using Ready Player Me avatars and Photon Realtime for networking. We had added lipsyncing to the avatars which is working fine with up to 10 to 12 users. After that, the sound quality goes poor due to too mu...

Stormland Hand Tracking Issue

This game was great, if more limited than it seemed at first with the open world and plot being insignificant and shallow background fluff in a relatively repetitive pure action FPS. It still was fun as hell and thus one of my favorite VR games until...

Stanfort University offers course entirely in VR (Quest)

I love seeing VR being put to some real world usage. Since its mainstream launch in 2016, a bulk of VR's news has been about video games. And while I love gaming (heck, I grew up with it), it is also important for a technological platform to mature. ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus not shipping for almost 3 weeks

I ordered my oculus March 27th as a guest and it supposed to arrive March 30th. However since the first day my order status is stuck at "Preparing to dispatch".Has anyone had this problem before? Oculus Support isn't helping at all. I am affraid I'll...

Nvidia GTX 1650Ti

HelloI have a laptop with an Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti Graphic card.Will it ever be compatible with air link or cable?Because i wish i could play streamvr games.Yet the ooculus and stream applcation recognize the quest2. Thank you

Collecting dust

So I find my self having spent a lot of money on the quest 2, thanks to all the hype in hopes of great things. My experiences and opinions: I have seen from Meta/facebook on their metaverse and what they claim their metaverse is and will be. Promise ...

Social VR - PhD Survey (Education Purposes)

Hi, I am a first-year CDT student (social AI CDT) at the University of Glasgow and my project focuses on facilitating insight and moderation for social Virtual Reality (VR) in particular with the presence of children and I need some user insights. I ...

Basic tutorial (oculus + unity3D) ??

hi I am a unity 4.x developer, and leap motion too.but never using oculus, to develop.questionis there a basic tutorial, to start with oculus + unity3D + leap motion ?thanks a lot

Anonymous by Not applicable
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