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Friends list improvement

It would be nice to see a "recently played with" list. A few times I've gone to try to add a person I had a good time playing with and I can't quite remember their account name and can't seem to find them in a search. It would help us develop VR frie...

burad0ri by Honored Guest
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oculus + touch for $598 now? seriously? wow..

I feel like I should receive free touch controller. damn.. I paid $599 and I sure didn't get oculus touch last year. Even with reduced $99 touch controller price now seems like rip off. Also.. is oculus getting sued again or something? My bro told m...

shin777 by Protege
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Oculus Reduce Touch by £99

Having bought my Oculus Touch directly from Oculus store for £189.00 only a week ago only to find today they have reduce the Oculus Touch by £90 - anyone know of a sales number so I can get a refund.

technoant by Honored Guest
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Monoscopic Video on Oculus Rift

Just ordered my Rift today but want to go ahead and make sure I have everything I need before it arrives. What do I need in order to view the 360 Monoscopic videos that I make?

sdmclean by Honored Guest
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Possible to have generic Leap Motion hands overlay?

Hey guys. What I'm looking for is just simply to be able to see my hands in VR (via leap motion sensor) with no added functionality required. Specifically I want this when playing DCS, but ideally it would be possible to use it in any game and to tog...

How to get SOUND to work on desktop????

Ever since I installed Oculus on my desktop I have no sound on my computer. Sound does not come out of speakers when I am using my desktop but ONLY out of CV1 even though Oculus is not opened up. I just tried opening a youtube from Firefox and the so...

Took the plunge. Tripped the rift. What to expect?

Tripping the Rift was a dirty 3d science fiction show onyears ago, and I liked the sound of it. Anyway -I purchased the rift + touch bundle and an added sensor. I did a lot ofresearch before, probably read thirty in depth reviews, scores of others, s...

how do i install robo recall loco mod?

i followed a guide of google by installing it through epic game launcher but when i hit launch it opens up as if i want to mod the game myself and on the headset its saying sorry ue4editor.exe is taking awhile to load and just stays there.cheers

reefy86 by Adventurer
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Wireless Oculus Sensor?

This might be an existing topic already, but does anyone know if Oculus Rift is ever going to come out with a Wireless Sensor of some sort?

Oculus Service prevents XB controller from staying on?

I already updated the firmware for the Xbox one controller. But I had problems with the controller, pressing to turn it on, it would flash a few times then shut off and I found it's actually the Oculus service that causes this. If I shut down the ser...

Xrc6 by Explorer
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Shipping Oculus Touch to UK

Hi there,I was just wondering, if I order the Oculus Touch from, will the new £99 listed on the page be my final charge or will I be required to pay an import charge upon delivery? I've been blindsided with this before on products shipping...

Vive owners should be pissed!

Valve anounced 2 vive add ons for comfort and audio convenience Not only is the vive price staying the same but to get the comfort level and audio convenience of the rift each add on is 100 dollars. Valve said no price reduction to match the rift. Me...

inovator by Consultant
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doing demo's on the rift now is amazing

Since latest update I'm truly loving showing of my set up it plays and looks smooth as silk,my 4 sensor set up blows my vive out the water and the audio mirroring and the hands showing on the monitor really shows what the player is experiencing .it's...

hoochyuk by Heroic Explorer
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TIP for "sensor cannot save your position" message

I found that having the HMD and controller in view of all sensors isn't always enough to get past this point in the setup. I finally figured out that if I also wiggle the controller back and forth about 90 degrees while holding at eye level and squee...

TickTock by Heroic Explorer
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Audio mirroring?

Has anyone tried this and got it working successfully on the new 1.12 build, I seem to be having problems with it? How does it decide what the second audio device is e.g. audio card line out, built in TV speakers?

VR Bundle

I just noticed a VR bundle going up at What makes this bundle cool for the Oculus folks besides the games on Steam is that a couple of games come with an Oculus home key. So thought i would share it here.Heaven Forest, Space Bit Attack a...

Iblysi by Heroic Explorer
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Hey Oculus works, Launch [game/app name] Doesn't!

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem. When I installed Windows 10 I ran an app that gets rid of all of the Windows 10 spyware bollocks, including Cortana. Could this be related, do you think..? The voice activation works fine wh...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sensor setup for a corner desk

I right know have a corner desk and recently got the oculus touch and the sensors don't work well Is there anyway to use the sensors with a corner desk

C_K-C by Honored Guest
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Zenimax could turn our headsets into paper weights..Refund?

"IF" Zenimax is successful in shutting down the Oculus Rift and software I hope facebook gives us all refunds for this stolen tech. Otherwise I smell a class action fiasco brewing.

What do you think of VR pet games?

Hi there! We are research team from Indiana University and inviting people who is interested in VR games and over 18 years old to fill out our survey on virtual pet game in VR. Can you please help us explore virtual pet game design strategies in this...

DedeLin by Honored Guest
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