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Pistol Whip: no controllers after update

Since the last update to version I can no longer play the PC version of the game because my controllers are somehow no longer recognized.So I have no weapons/hands and can't even shoot the start button.I spoke to Cloudhead Games about this...

Short little Story about plastic vs glass lenses

So, I was one of the lucky few Pimax Crystal Beta testers. At the beginning I had to use the plastic lenses. Buuut I didnt know that first. I knew that they were 35 PPD. I compared them to the 8KX and was yeah thats definetly higher PPD. We Testers a...

yoksa by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest Pro - the modification thread

This thread is for the discussing and sharing of mods for the Meta Quest Pro. Let's hear what you've got. I just received my Quest Pro this morning, and the first thing I did was attach my DAS strap. Started by wrapping the DAS around the back of the...

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
Spuzzum by Superstar
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Accessibility question

Hi. This is one of those questions that is going to take a lot of explaining up front. Sorry. I run a non-profit for disabled adults wiyh profound intellectual disabilities, most of who are bedbound or non-ambulatory. Everyone is happy, but there are...

Zero Latancy; Warehouse Scale VR Review

Visiting one of the bigger cities in Australia next week, forgot that zero latency is here. $88 ($50 usd) will get you a hr of 450m2 zombie fighting VR time. I've...

Resolved! Odd issue with Rift S (PLS help)

for a few months I have assumed my rift s has bitten the dust and is in the grave, though, when I started it up today to see if I can maybe fix it, I tried connecting it to a 2.0 USB. For context I tried every USB 3 and 3.1 slot on my pc just for it ...

Are there any VR point n click adventures?

I use to love games like Monkey Island, Loom, Broken Sword...are there any games in a similar vein ( with a good sense of humor to it) on VR ... it feels like a natural fit for this type of gameplay if you updated the control scheme for vr

zzler by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Regarding accounts on a Meta Quest 2

As a suggestion, it should be possible to change the status of which account on a meta quest 2 as the admin, or have multiple account have that title (as Windows does for instance.) Not having that option is frustrating.

AdmiralMJ by Honored Guest
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7th Guest on Quest 3: Help Pad doesn't work

I'm playing 7th Guest on Meta Quest 3. Everything is fine besides the help pad, i.e. the thing you operate with left trigger, that should provide map, help and progress. I can move the pointer around, but it only shows the map of the first floor. No ...

xZaphodx by Honored Guest
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AMD 7900 series card performance in VR

We know the 7900 XT and XTX have problems in VR with Rift S and Quest. Can someone provide the best settings to use to give us a usable level of performance? Thanks.

Capture 3D Videos on your Quest 3

OK tried this the other night - great results. I think somewhere in this video Hugh does say someone has come up with an easier way - make sure you watch the full video. Need to go into developer mode and use a few commands but all quite easy.

Quest 3 Power Usage Tests and Approximate Battery Life

I've been doing some testing of the headset power usage under various scenarios and here are the results, in ascending order of power hungriness (that's a word). These are just for guidance, your mileage may differ. Note, these tests were done with 1...

Quest 3 power.jpg

Poor quality controllers

Will the quest 3 units have better controllers? My family has went through controllers 3 times (left is 3 times, right is 2 times). It's very frustrating and expensive. I would've been more interested in the quest 3 but now I am skeptical. I bought a...

PCVR nut friend

I have a friend that recommends every person looking to buy a VR headset a Vive because “It’s better than Quest and has Basestations” it’s pretty annoying arguing with him cause all he says is PC VR is better and photodiodes on his Vive has better tr...

i have this massage to facebook creator

hello facebook creator never give up i am from denmark called ferhat believe in you i dream of metaverse where we are all there in the whole world in metaverse but together like the whole world we must work together as people in the whole world we on...

Elite strap with battery not working, even my replacement.

Elite strap with battery not working, even my replacement. they both worked for 2 days then stopped, Meta has not made a comment on them and is still selling them everywhere including Amazon with prime. EVERYONE has had an issue, none of the head str...


I’m trying to add payment. It’s not working

Lilo_10 by Honored Guest
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Calf 3D / 180VR Camera Calf 3D / 180VR Camerai just received my Calf camera & want to start a Post for fellow Quest users that also have this camera. I’ll update after I get my 1st short video uploaded for viewing in the Meta C...

OzyMark by Explorer
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Free 360° 3D Image Viewer

Hello,I just want to look at my 360° 3D (over-under) images. But there is no working standard app on the quest 2 anymore.The "Oculus Gallery" or rather "Oculus 360 Photos" isn’t available anymore."Insta360 Moment" App isn't working on Quest 2.The Met...

Q3 controller haptics seem weaker now

I think my Q3 controller haptics suddenly became weakerI can’t tell if I’m losing my mind or if this actually happened, but recently when browsing the main menu of Quest 3 it feels as if my controller vibration/ haptics aren’t as strong. I’m still us...

DirtySyko by Honored Guest
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D-Link VR air bridge is HORRIBLE. Stay away for Quest 3.

Stay far away from the D-Link VR air bridge. The 1-star Amazon reviews are right. Connected once, almost right away. Connection was extremely laggy once Half Life Alyx started. Second time trying it, it kept timing out and couldn't reconnect, even af...

Quest 3 Support

Okay so I got the quest 3 as soon as it came out, and It's nice and all, but I havent used it for more than an hour. Ive stuck to my quest 2 because the controllers. I play beat saber using claw grip, without that controller ring, I simply cant play ...

Kaidenap by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Pancake Lenses

Looking in the center of the pancake lenses is a little blurry. I can only see clearly if I move the headset up or down to look in those areas on the lenses. Is this normal? I know it was like this on the Quest 2 with the fresnel lenses but thought i...

Still Can't Delete Apps from Menu

For crying out loud Meta let us completely delete apps from the menu app screen. Being able to only uninstall them but still seeing their icon takes up visual space and memory. These things add up especially Demo apps that stay on the app screen even...

VR for the visually impaired - the first experience

Hi everyone.TL;DR: Your distance prescription might actually be not the best for VR! It's worth considering other options, if possible, and if you can find a doctor who can help. The long story. I'd like to share my experience in case it's useful for...

progmars by Honored Guest
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