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New Releases on Rift and Gear VR for September 1st

There's a lot available this week for both Rift and Gear VR! tl;drRiftDamaged CoreSolitaire VR by TrippZEN SPLASH VRSDV VR ExperienceBallancedGear VRHypercadeWrath of LokiMr Cat’s AdventureCityVRTo the Homeland360 Photos Featured Destination - Venice...


I am trying to view 3d blu ray on bigscreen all I get is a black screen audio is fine I have all the right gear a external blu ray writer can see movie on my monitor but can't view in big screen or vd please advise

Anybody got into Alpha of 'V'? [+first impression]

I signed up for the alpha (or beta) of the dashboard 'V' after reading about it on roadtovr. Yesterday the alpha invite came via mail. I wasn't able to test it yet but I will as soon as I get home.Here's the homepage of the project

Kuraika by Expert Protege
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Any word on NextVR ???

After years of following, I finally purchased my Rift this week. Now, I'm not much of a gamer at all and am more interested in VR movies, live music and sports. NextVR seems like such an awesome tool available on the GEAR, it was purchased and is bei...

Facts vs Fiction: Cybersickness

The topic of "motion sickness" has been addressed at great length on this forum. However, those discussions are impressively scrambled. People try to provide definitions for motion sickness, from Dictionary entries to medical journals. Some people tr...

Zenbane by Guardian
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360 Video

Easy question - but does Oculus Rift (not Gear VR) fully support 360 video? And what is the process like to access 360 videos? Can you use YouTube? I found out that the Vive does not, so I figured I'd ask.Thanks.

roblawmps by Honored Guest
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laptop ready rift

hey found this interesting, looks like well have ability to use rift on laptops very soon 

scopus321 by Expert Protege
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Resolved! OculusCompat says not good enough

I have built this machine carefully for Rift(when I get the money together) but the compatibility says no-go.ASUS Z170-AR, 32gb ram(Corsair Dominators 3000), i7-6700k cpu, 3tb of hard drive, a 256 nvme for bootup, water-cooled,and a Sapphire Nitro R9...

Will there be long wait times for Oculus Touch?

I pre ordered the Oculus Touch when I ordered the CV1, but does anyone know if we are going to have to wait months for shipments like we did with CV1? Surely they have had enough time to have large stocks by now. I'm hoping to get mine not long after...

RedRizla by Honored Visionary
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Oculus Android App

Any reason why we can't explore and buy rift experiences alongside gearvr on the mobile app? It's just mobile web app right?

Alternate Install Directory

Am I blind? but isn't there an alternate way to install an app to another location instead of the default directory?I use a small but fast OS SSD; keeps installing there and I don't want it too. Will I need to reinstall?

Nimryl by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Problems viewing videos created on 360 fly

I am using a 360 fly camera to take videos but when I try to view it in the Rift - it just sits at the hour glass. 360 Fly provides an export tool - called Director, that allows you to export files. I put the exported files in my video folder and ren...

Steam allows game refunds

A steam vr game I didn't like didn't go to waste. If you ask for a refund within 14 days and have no more than 2 hours play u can get a refund. That allows u to try a game your not sure about. I wish oculus offered this.

inovator by Consultant
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Where's the Unity Pro trial serial number?

I got one of the emails saying, "Since you're one of our Rift pre-order pioneers, you get a free trial of Unity Pro!" But when I click on the link (after logging in of course) I have no Unity Pro trial serial. I see my order, I click to expand it, I ...

Oculus CV1 Notebook compatible

Hi all,I am interested in buying a VR Ready Notebook/Laptop for my Oculus CV1 and since I saw that MSI are seeliing some of them but I am not sure what of them are Oculus CV1 compatible, for it, Could anybody advice me about this topic?I am willing t...

castana by Honored Guest
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Oculus 1.7 Hot-Fix Update (Xbox Gamepad in Home)

You may receive soon, or have already received an update to the Oculus app. This update attempts to work around a Windows 10 Anniversary Update bug with using Xbox controllers. The update enables Oculus Home to work with the latest version of Windows...