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i have this massage to facebook creator

hello facebook creator never give up i am from denmark called ferhat believe in you i dream of metaverse where we are all there in the whole world in metaverse but together like the whole world we must work together as people in the whole world we on...

Elite strap with battery not working, even my replacement.

Elite strap with battery not working, even my replacement. they both worked for 2 days then stopped, Meta has not made a comment on them and is still selling them everywhere including Amazon with prime. EVERYONE has had an issue, none of the head str...


I’m trying to add payment. It’s not working

Lilo_10 by Honored Guest
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Calf 3D / 180VR Camera Calf 3D / 180VR Camerai just received my Calf camera & want to start a Post for fellow Quest users that also have this camera. I’ll update after I get my 1st short video uploaded for viewing in the Meta C...

OzyMark by Explorer
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Free 360° 3D Image Viewer

Hello,I just want to look at my 360° 3D (over-under) images. But there is no working standard app on the quest 2 anymore.The "Oculus Gallery" or rather "Oculus 360 Photos" isn’t available anymore."Insta360 Moment" App isn't working on Quest 2.The Met...

Q3 controller haptics seem weaker now

I think my Q3 controller haptics suddenly became weakerI can’t tell if I’m losing my mind or if this actually happened, but recently when browsing the main menu of Quest 3 it feels as if my controller vibration/ haptics aren’t as strong. I’m still us...

DirtySyko by Honored Guest
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D-Link VR air bridge is HORRIBLE. Stay away for Quest 3.

Stay far away from the D-Link VR air bridge. The 1-star Amazon reviews are right. Connected once, almost right away. Connection was extremely laggy once Half Life Alyx started. Second time trying it, it kept timing out and couldn't reconnect, even af...

Quest 3 Support

Okay so I got the quest 3 as soon as it came out, and It's nice and all, but I havent used it for more than an hour. Ive stuck to my quest 2 because the controllers. I play beat saber using claw grip, without that controller ring, I simply cant play ...

Kaidenap by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Pancake Lenses

Looking in the center of the pancake lenses is a little blurry. I can only see clearly if I move the headset up or down to look in those areas on the lenses. Is this normal? I know it was like this on the Quest 2 with the fresnel lenses but thought i...

Still Can't Delete Apps from Menu

For crying out loud Meta let us completely delete apps from the menu app screen. Being able to only uninstall them but still seeing their icon takes up visual space and memory. These things add up especially Demo apps that stay on the app screen even...

VR for the visually impaired - the first experience

Hi everyone.TL;DR: Your distance prescription might actually be not the best for VR! It's worth considering other options, if possible, and if you can find a doctor who can help. The long story. I'd like to share my experience in case it's useful for...

progmars by Honored Guest
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DON'T UPDATE! (Oculus Quest 2) Let me save you time.

So If you've juste updated VR chat (2023) and suddenly you're stuck on passthrough mode (no response to menu, only slight flickers of waiting space with return to passthrough mode), you may be majorly screwed. I just spent an hour and a half troubles...

Sky Strikers VR

Greetings! We would like to welcome everyone to come check out Sky Strikers VR, an online multiplayer sports VR game. If you love competitive sports and are looking for a cool place to hang out and make friends, Sky Strikers is the place to be! Join ...

MoxD121 by Honored Guest
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SteamVR has fixed the problems with Windows 11 The fpsVR developer also implemented the fix:"Explanation of issue:Windows 11 multimedia timer resolution for any process depends on the state of its window. Higher resolution ca...

Resolved! Can a 10W LED bulb damage the screens?

Hello. I created an arm where i can place my quest 3 to rest and charge but im now concerned that the proximity of my LED lightbulb on an armature might shine into the optics indirectly.This is an 9.6W, 4000K, 1055 lumen bulb. should i be worried? i ...

loktopus by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Weird Idea with my laptop

Hi there. I have a quest 2 and I usually play with my asus tuf f15 laptop which has an rtx 3050, an intel core i5 12450h, 16gb ddr5 and a thunderbolt port. I dont have any problem with it, I can play beat saber without a problem and nearly anything l...

lostcat67 by Honored Guest
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What is going to enable lighter headsets?

Even as displays, MR, tracking etc continue to improve the consistent complaint is that headsets are too heavy for long-term use. I know die-hard enthusiasts will argue that the right combination of custom straps and mods will alleviate this problem....

utsahkaun by Honored Guest
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In the search of a usb c splitter for quest 2

Will a normal usb c splitter for phone that is for charging and headphones will work with my quest 2 , bobovr baterry and a fan? or maybe a fan and cable to the pc in the same time?

jumuj8 by Honored Guest
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Can not connect my facebook account

Hi,I recently purchased a Meta Quest 2 128 GB. I am unable to connect my meta account to facebook because facebook disabled my account. I have been trying for 6 months to contact facebook to find out why and how to get my account back. Anyone else ha...

Quest 3 Wired link latency

Ok I’m having an issue and I can’t crack it. ever since I got the quest 3 my main goal is to play wired PCVR. I don’t have the components to go wireless, I could get them, but would prefer to stay wired. I have an RTX 3090 and I am using official lin...

Battery drain

Have had my Q3 for about a week and loving it so far, however the battery drain is horrendous, anyone have this issue?

Not being able to buy game after free trial

So I tried broken edge's free trial but when it was done I tried buying it, nothing worked, someone on reddit said it was resolved for them within 12 hours, i've waited longer, didn't work. I think the issue is the code thinks I already own the game ...

Smolguy by Explorer
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Any game that utilizes all full Quest Pro potential?

Are there any games (Quest or PCVR) that utilize all Quest Pro features, eye tracking and touchpads in the controllers particularly?When I purchased Quest Pro I thought it's cool to have all this fancy stuff, that Quest 2 doesn't have but after playi...

Exius86 by Expert Protege
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