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Quest 3 Wired link latency

Ok I’m having an issue and I can’t crack it. ever since I got the quest 3 my main goal is to play wired PCVR. I don’t have the components to go wireless, I could get them, but would prefer to stay wired. I have an RTX 3090 and I am using official lin...

Battery drain

Have had my Q3 for about a week and loving it so far, however the battery drain is horrendous, anyone have this issue?

Not being able to buy game after free trial

So I tried broken edge's free trial but when it was done I tried buying it, nothing worked, someone on reddit said it was resolved for them within 12 hours, i've waited longer, didn't work. I think the issue is the code thinks I already own the game ...

Smolguy by Explorer
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Any game that utilizes all full Quest Pro potential?

Are there any games (Quest or PCVR) that utilize all Quest Pro features, eye tracking and touchpads in the controllers particularly?When I purchased Quest Pro I thought it's cool to have all this fancy stuff, that Quest 2 doesn't have but after playi...

Exius86 by Expert Protege
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Mark on left lens

Ok I found a small mark on the left lens of my headset, I use a lint free cloth to gently wipe it but it doesn’t clear so it looks like a mark from within the lens, anyone else have this on the Q3 headset?

Quest 3 outside? And other questions.

Hi I have some questions about the quest 3 some may sound silly.1. On the quest 2 you couldn’t play outside without breaking the tracking cameras is this the same with the quest 3? I’ve seen videos of people playing without problems but then again in...

Problem with child account setup for Canadians

 Hi, I’m trying to setup/authenticate an account for my son (10yo). It asks me for a credit card and doesn’t recognize that Canadians do NOT use Zip Codes (we use Postal Codes, with numbers and letters). This page must have a bug because it wont let ...

Bazehead by Honored Guest
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App Store broken

The meta store is currently broken and i can not purchase anything. I tried this over and over again. I got my Quest 3 on wednesday and since then i am unable to purchase anything from the AppStore. This Screenshot is shows the german error. It says ...


Question About Quest 3

Current Reverb G2 owner. I work for a visual simulation company that occasionally bids on VR jobs. We have our own graphics engine that runs on OpenXR, although it has hooks to switch to SteamVR if necessary.I previously owned a couple PCVR Oculus he...

pariemala by Honored Guest
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Poor UX with support

Left controller support issues, 3 replaced controllers, one head unit replacement, controller appears to consistently be shorting where power will not return to controller. Contacted support, spoke to Gwen who stated she did everything and even thoug...

Big-Aus by Honored Guest
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Trading stocks bitcoin forex

I am looking to use an Oculus VR as a multi monitor setup to trade the stockmarket. Is there an app or a way that would allow me to use my computer desktop and Trade with my trading software?

Why there is no camera API?

It's ridiculous to miss out such critical functionality, greatly hindering the use of the device for MR applications. Understands the privacy issue but there are so much potential with external RGBD. And I believe I did pay for it when I got the hard...

mechaminu by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Possible to disable voice chat on oculus 2?

Spoiler (Highlight to read)We do not want voice chat, in any games. Is there a way to disable it? Not just mute my microphone, but we don’t want to hear other players. Thanks!We do not want voice chat, in any games. Is there a way to disable it? Not ...

kenzo1235 by Honored Guest
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Prediction settings for Quest

Is there any way or method that you can change the prediction for the quest 2? For example the Valve Index has a throttling behavior option where they can change the prediction. Is there an ADB or anytime of command or something regarding towards tha...

Using Q3 after eye operation (multifocal lenses)

I will be getting an operation on my eyes to replace my natural lenses with multifocal/trifocal lenses which should make me see clearly in far distance, middle distance (60-70cm) and short distance (30-40cm). Today the doctor told me that i might nee...

My opinion on arm swing locomotion

I think arm swing locomotion should be in every vr game that suports more than one locomotion (joystick,teleportation), especialy social vr. I just think that it feels more natural to use a part or parts of your body to move around in vr than using a...

etkonwgno by Honored Guest
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Trouble with in-vr set up. ,

The headset shows when u first set up the oculus quest 3 to pull battery tabs out then it shows 2 hands holding the controllers and there blue icon with arrow which I'm assuming it's for next step of the set up ..I'm stuck on 2nd part my controllers ...

Resolved! Class group chat on WhatsApp

After school I set a poll on class group chat “once I have the meta quest 3 who wants my quest 2?” Four ppl of my class wanted my quest 2 & three ppl don’t, non of my class have Any VR headsets the only thing I wanted to do is to buy four quest 2 or ...

My opinion on arm swing locomotion

I think arm swing locomotion should be in every vr game that suports more than one locomotion (joystick,teleportation), especialy social vr. I just think that it feels more natural to use a part or parts of your body to move around in vr than using a...

vyela by Honored Guest
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Cont spart

Buna .sunt Ancuta Molovan,cineva mia spart contul de Facebook și nu reusesc sa recuperez . Menționez ca inainte de se întâmpla acest lucru miam schimbat numărul de telefon cu care m-am logat ,de aceea aum nu reusesc sa rezolv aceasta problema . Va ro...

Why aren't there more VR Sports games?

I'm not a huge fan of sports games even on regular consoles, but yesterday I tried NFL Pro Era 1 because of the Quest+ subscription and I was honestly really glad I tried it. Felt like a nice change of pace from all the Shooter/Fantasy/Sci Fi games o...

g1rino by Honored Guest
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Pay pay not working

Tries to but the oculus 3 via pay pal and it cancels the order straight away, and getting any help from meta is like banging your head against the wall

Resolved! Meta Quest 3

Hello, I have a question, is the mobile network sufficient to play outside with Meta Quest 3?

Zocht by Honored Guest
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