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Oculus Compatibility Check

I'm confused on why my USB 3.1 gen1 isn't compatible with the Rift S. I'm running a Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 R2.Here's a picture. Really I'm just confused why a USB 3.1 gen1 wouldn't work or if its wrong and it will run on the Rift S. Any help to solve th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Do you need to repurchase Quest I games for your Quest 2

Can you play games that are on your Oculus Quest 1 on your Oculus Quest 2 or do you need to repurchase them again. I know I will be giving my oculus Quest 1 to my niece and wanted her to keep the games I currently have on it - but I also like those g...


Just a quick it better to install Oculus Home and all content to an SSD rather than an HDD or doesn't it really matter?I have a 500Gb SSD which is running windows 10 and currently have home installed onto, I also have a 3TB HDD for e...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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many apps support macOS ?

I just saw the one app I always wanted (where you can put monitors wherever you want them). It says "Compatible with all Windows 10 apps".Are most of the compatibilities with Windows usually?Because I want to connect this to my iMac and put monitor s...

Logitech VR keyboard

Looking forward to this. Will be great for sim gaming. Cant find any info about it though other than the reveal at Facebook Connect. Any more info?Also, why not a VR visible mouse as well? Logical next step surely?

Four questions :)

1. so you can only use this thing within facebook? or while connected to facebook?2. I don’t have a gaming system (no XBOX, no PS, none) what can i connect this to?3. “always needs to be physically connected via the usb cable”. is that true?4. I ...

You want a 3090? Use a bot

This is why we couldn't get 3080 cards.If you know programming, you can use this bot to buy what you need on launch since nobody seems to offer pre-orders anymore. Apparently this works on Best Buy and Nvidia.

falken76 by Expert Consultant
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Top Gun 3D in Big Screen Tomorrow

I just saw this in Home - thing being, I'm not getting up at 3am to watch this! I don't see anything about it being available later, either (as a "recording" or such like).So, BigScreen guys, how's about showing it at a sociable GMT hour? edit - just...

RIP Rift Thanks for starting this crazy journey

As you may have heard the Rift as a brand is now discontinued and there will be no other pc deditated VR headset from Oculus. I just want to say thanks Rift for all the fun and will never forget seeing that T-rex stepping over me. The Rift is dead - ...

TC1999 by Adventurer
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Blank screen when enabling link

I am so dispondent at the moment. I've enjoyed my Quest for a few weeks but my ultimate goal was to play Half Life Alyx as the 1st and 2nd games were such benchmarks.I needed a new laptop anyway so I spent a bit more and got a Republic of Gamers lapt...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2 Wifi6?

The XR2 is a wifi6 chip but does the Quest2 have the feature enabled? Not found any info as yet.

Standalone vr is the future of vr.

I said months after the quest 1 came out that I believed standalone vr is the future. Especially if the quest was a huge success. I also said that if a dedicated high end pc headset isn't announced at connect than it would be standalone with link mov...

inovator by Consultant
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Will the quest 2 make my rift s obsolete?

If the quest 2 has at least the same visuals as my rift s and the frame rate is 90 instead of the rift s 80 and if the link is a native connection will it be better to use than the rift s? Opinions please.

inovator by Consultant
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Rift delivery in India

I have ordered rift to be delivered in India.Is there any issues, custom troubles here? Someone from India who have got their Rift?reg

amitrs by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 - Graphics

I think that the visuals of Quest vs every other HMD on the market is going to be a very hot topic; and likely deserves its own thread! There are so many facets to a VR experience: Audio, Comfort, Library, Tracking Accuracy, etc.But "visuals" are a h...

Zenbane by Guardian
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Quest 2 Unboxing vids

The Unboxing vids are going live now...

Zenbane by Guardian
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Steam and Oculus

Any other platforms? Apps or games need either one of the two to run. I'm I missing others? I use both. I do not like the store page in Steam nor the FB take over of Oculus. Not sure what I will do in a few years from now.

DTH by Heroic Explorer
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Oculus' Facebook Decision

I owned my Oculus Rift 2 less than 2 months and now I am going to sell it and request my Oculus account be closed. It is unfortunate Oculus chose to hitch their wagon to Facebook - it demonstrates a complete and utter disregard for privacy and a huge...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I don't agree to the new terms of service

I do not agree to the new terms of service I recently received. I don't want to ever use a Facebook account with my Rift S. I regard this change in terms to be a violation of promises made by the company that this would never happen.How can I return ...

Are there any upgrades?

Key Laser Measure Accessories You Must FindJust like any other laser device, laser tape measures also come with accessories. While some of these accessories are designed to enhance the functionalities of the laser measures, some are designed for prot...

Welp, Vader Immortal episode 2 died.

So, I played Vader Immortal 2 1-2 times, when I tried launching it for my family it just kept loading, in VR it never got to the actual game it just kept on the default loading screen.It worked before but its not working now, whats happening!??!

New Facebook Policy and Multiple HMDs

If I am limited to one Facebook account, how can I own multiple Rifts or Quests? Is it possible that they will announce Family Sharing, or multiple user accounts? And how would I purchase two copies to use on a single Facebook account to do multiplay...

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