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Display choice for DK2 on laptop

Hi, allI want to use DK2 on my laptop. Can I turn off the display on my laptop and only have video output on DK2? Since I think that would be easier for my graphic card and more FPS on DK2. Thanks!


We are new to the forums and I could not find any specifics anywhere else, so I hope people don't mind me asking.We are looking to add OR support to our internal game engine for our 5 a side multiplayer online football(soccer) game. Given the street ...

Staggan by Honored Guest
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Some Demo's Appearing Top Left In DK2

Anybody else had this? The latest one is Chilling Space, and unlike the others, where i can restart the app and they appear correctly in the Rift, this one just won't.I'll check which others were doing it - maybe it's just the Unity ones.

Shipping Notices Thread

The thread is locked to comments, but I just wanted to say thanks for the transparency, talking about the customs process and such. It's nice to see that in a company, very refreshing. I can't wait for my DK2!Thanks,Matt

nnhood by Honored Guest
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DK2 PC Requirements

I just had a good idea.Rather than everyone constantly posting their PC specs, and asking the community whether DK2 will run demos happily on their machine or not, what if we had a big reference guide?To create it, all people need to do is this: (if ...

mptp by Explorer
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Rift and Eyes

Hi,In most threads I have read so far they say that they have a hard time staying in VR as their eyes get really tired or cause they are not tolerant to motion sickness.So I was wondering if there was a solution to the problem. And this is what I cam...

Is This Board No Longer Moderated?

First off, LMFAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :lol: I am tickled pink with all the same topics, questions, and DEMANDS having 20,000 threads! Literally, lmao! :lol: I wonder if the Oculus team is in Tahiti........I feel like jumping on a table and shaking my arse. ...

How much FPS vs RefreshRate is needed?

Hi,I got my DK2 this week and had a lot of problems, especially with the Unity Demos. It always seemed, that the head tracking was stuttering like crazy. Now I tried to analyze/fix the problem at the example of PolyWorld.First of my PC is I guess pre...

icy by Honored Guest
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What should I do before DK2 ship?

I pre-ordered with credit card and it should be shipped in August. What should I do before it shipped? Will I get a confirmation email or just wait?

DK2 not detected in couch knights

when i load up couch knights, it does not detect my DK2. i can see the game running on my desktop screen but i get a black screen on my DK2

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Share Page for DK2?

Hi Cyber,Any chance we can get an Oculus Share page for DK2 demos or is everyone looking to DK2 arcade as the official source? Thanks.

scottpw25 by Honored Guest
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How to increase frame rate in Unity Labs demo scene

I have a brand new alienware top of the line laptop, and also got a hold on the Oculus headset. So far everything runs beautifully with a great frame rate, usually at least 60.0. The only problem I am having is when I open up the Unity Labs 01: Robot...

malospam by Honored Guest
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Any Canadians here with the processed e-mail?

Hey guys, I know it's still early and that not everyone may have received their shipping info, but I'm curious if any Canadians here have received their processing e-mails yet. I ordered mine at roughly 9:10 AM and am getting paranoid that I wasn't e...

Cyberreality are u ok?

Ive been sayin for ages where is my dk2. Every1 else got theirs and im still waiting for mine so i think cyberreality lost mine and hes gone away and not telling me. If anyone of u knowa what hes doing on the internet rite now and then bring him to m...

Bobbuns by Honored Guest
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Retro Rift - Return To Wolfenstein

After receiving my DK2 I noticed a problem:1. I never want to game again in anything but VR2. I want to play Return to Wolfenstein from 10 years agoHas anyone been successful playing PC games from this time period (2001)?-It runs on id Tech 3 if that...

willz06jw by Honored Guest
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Feeding tube and colostomy bag?

Someone said that there is going to be a feeding tube and colostomy bag for dk3? I dnt know whether this is a joke or not, cyberreality plz aanswer dis! xx

Bobbuns by Honored Guest
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Im stuck.

Ive just recieved my dk2 and its all broke and wont even go on. How do i get it to go on? Do i stick it into the computer?

Bobbuns by Honored Guest
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Can some1 help me out plz? Im stuck

Ive been waiting here for 5 months and my dk2 hasnt turned up yet , i ordered on may the 2nd. Where is it? Can someone find where cyberreality is and ask him where it is? Tnx xx

Bobbuns by Honored Guest
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Bobbuns by Honored Guest
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Some sad news...

You are all so pathetic. Get a life and stop trolling my threads. Disgraceful behaviour from humans. You all deserve to be hung from the neck, slaughtered, sliced up and eaten like all the poor innocent animals. Bastards.

PhilHuns by Honored Guest
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Disgusting news

My gf died and youre all sitting around here so smug playing with your Dk2's! We were still waiting on ours, ordered at the beginning, and she never even got to see the light of day on hers! This has been absolutely disgraceful, im heading to the pap...

PhilHuns by Honored Guest
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CV1 onboard Tegra for SBS display?

Do you guys think it would be a good idea if the CV1 Oculus would come with a build in Tegra device that solely focusses on splitting the output image into a SBS image for Oculus?This would relieve stress on the GPU of the computer itself that is bus...

Foxgod by Honored Guest
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USA am I the only one.

:oops: I ordered my dk2 in April the 12.Still no status change pending ... after many other devs and nondevs received their dk2's. Has this happened to any of you guys or am i the only one.

dc2889 by Expert Protege
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Primary Monitor switching?

Random thought, maybe someone smarter than me knows the answer....Is there a way to make a keyboard shortcut to toggle which monitor is your primary display????I googled around a bit and all I found were some sketchy looking programs I wasn't going t...

FALSE by Honored Guest
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DK2 TAFAQ (unofficial)

Hello,I am very new to this forum (though I am reading most of it since months now), but given all the recent concerns that have been raised on DK2 delivery/hardware/software, I thought it was about time someone try to group all the answers in the fo...

Direct-to-Rift WORKS in Unity in DX11, but not in DX9

Basically I was playing around figuring out the technical reason Direct-to-Rift mode doesn't work in Unity. It seems that it works well in DirectX 11 (bar timewarping) mode but not in DirectX 9, however in extended mode both DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 ...

Chaoss by Expert Protege
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GPU for DK2

I have a Msi GTX 660 TwinFrozr. I'm assuming this won't be able to run Elite/star citizen but will this suffice for such games as Technolust, spectre and demos such as Senza Peso?If not, then I could sell it for around £80-£90 and buy a GTX 770 for £...

Question For VR Developers

So, developers, is it worth it to have your software locked to the Rift? Wouldn't you get more sales if it were on Steam and everyone(Rift, DIY-mouselook, and other VR HMDs) could download your VR experience? Is it because Oculus' SDK makes it so muc...

Need some information (mac)

Hi guys. I am going to be getting a 2013 iMac, and i would like to use DK2 on it. Now i know macs are overpriced, and i can get a way better PC for cheaper, but i also need an iMac for other reasons. Its also worth noting that I do plan on using Boot...

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