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Controller Joysticks aren’t working

Whenever I try to move the thumb stick forward on my left controller to move, it either won’t work, makes me have to go sideways at a slow pace in game, or makes me go backwards. And then the thumb stick on my right is making me constantly turn.

Anybody Using Peripherals For Gaming?

Hi All, I was reading some reviews and watching some videos of golf games the other day and saw a lot of people talking about a golf club hand you could use and it "greatly enhances immersion/presence" etc. (now have one on order). I used to use a HO...

Resolved! Removing Black Frame Insertion from Quest Pro

I can't do displays with black frame insertion.Disorientation in 10 minutes, nauseous in 15, pass out in 30. Its a holdover from a stroke.Is there any way to remove BFI from the quest pro, or am I out of luck?

TenzoDog by Honored Guest
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is VR worth it with my specs or should I wait?

Hello.I'm thinking about buying a VR Headset I'm between buying a used Oculus CV1 from ebay or an Oculus Quest from Amazon.I'm wondering if I could run games alright with my specs that I have right now or if I should spend my saved money better on a ...

Resolved! guardian not working and passthrough is a black screen

I'm on day 1 of a brand new Meta Quest 2 and I believe there are some problems with it. During the initial setup, the screen that prompted me to set up a guardian boundary showed up for a few seconds, then skipped ahead without actually giving me a c...

Massive Price Drop Of Quest 2

Hello everybody, a couple of months ago I purchased a Meta Quest 2 at Walmart for $400 now it is $300. Does anybody know a way to get this money back from Meta?

Meta Quest 2

I have made a video on meta quest 2 unboxed by me and first experience. Hope this is useful.@

rkmathsin by Honored Guest
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What game are you excited for? -Showcase

Who else is excited for Stranger Things!  The show is awesome and the game looks fantastic! In addition, who does not love a classic vampire game! Not to mentioned Ghost Busters coming to VR  Tell me what game are you excited for!! Comment.

PSA: Turn of E-Cores

TL;DR If you have one of these new dumbass CPUs with their fandangled efficiency cores; do yourself a favor and go into BIOs and disable them. For the love of all that is VR turn those **bleep**ers off. If you have performance problems, this will che...

koffi88 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Oculus Setup - Repair Option

FML. Hopefully my mishap will save others some trouble.To anyone thinking of clicking the "Repair" option under the Oculus Home setup program, don't. It will not only remove any runtime files but will also delete all of the installed games as well (d...

dvno42 by Honored Guest
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Main gaming station hardware refresh update

Did some updates on my gaming station. Including last time. Pc-3080 ti, i9-10850k 32gig ddr4 3600 3 tb nvme ssd Ps5 with psvr2 and psvr1 Xbox series x Nintendo switch 65 in 4k120 q70a Samsung tv Quest 2 256 gig 5.1 stereo Thrust master t300 rs gt Pla...

IMG_20230626_212530594_HDR.jpg IMG_20230626_212510125_HDR.jpg IMG_20230626_212522487.jpg

Trading stocks bitcoin forex

I am looking to use an Oculus VR as a multi monitor setup to trade the stockmarket. Is there an app or a way that would allow me to use my computer desktop and Trade with my trading software?

Business account?

We bought the oculus brand new. Have had it since Christmas. Out of nowhere it said I need 2 accounts. My regular account and business account. I’m not a business. What the hell is going on?????

Is there any boxing VR game that's truly good?

I tried Creed: Rise to glory - I'd rank this one as 3/10 Manny Boxing VR - 1/10 All in one sports - 1/10 The cool thing with Creed is that it allows you to move in your own real space translating the movement into the game (they should all allow this...

kella3 by Honored Guest
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Air Link Tip - TomC

Just a quick tip that may help some that are having stuttering problems with Air Link, even with the best settings for your particular system. I've recently found that turning OFF Bluetooth on my PC (win10/11 Bluetooth settings) seems to improve my A...

Resolved! Quest 2 - Better Windows 10 or 11? Jun 2023

Hi everyone, i don't find in any where about the compatibility of quest 2 in WIndows 10 or 11, i'll install a new windows tomorrow, i'll have a better experience with Windows 10 or 11? Pc: i5 13400F, Geforce Galax 3060 Ti, 32GB DDR 4 3200mhz

Quest Link (Air and Wired) 10 bit HVENC Codec

Virtual Desktop is just releasing 10 bit video codec, you already can try it on beta.I have a great time with Quest Link, but 10 bit is too much good. Quest Link will have 10 bit codec someday?ThanksDonnovan

gpu HDMI troubles on a laptop

Hi I recently purchased an oculus rift and the problem is my laptop has one HDMI port that connects to the intergraded graphics and the dedicated GPU and I can't get the headset to connect to my dedicated GPU I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with Ma...

FurryOwO1 by Honored Guest
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Would you recommend the PSVR2?

Okay here's the situation: I only tried the Oculus rift something like 2 times and only played demos, since my PC isn't really good. I enjoyed the demos and are generally interested in playing some more immersive games. I don't really play any online...

c1hase3 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Sweating while wearing the headset

Hello!So as the title say i am sweating a lot while wearing the headset quest 2 and im afraid of damage the system, what can i do to prevent excesive sewatiness ?

sollekram by Honored Guest
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I dropped my oculus

I dropped it hard it says it has no battery but has full battery and I been playing for about a hour is this like a one time thing and when it dies does it go back normal

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