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Best paintball glitch ever! (Immortality!!!)

Honored Guest
I'm still learning and having fun with my newest gaming system (Oculus Quest 2) and while I was playing paintball, I noticed that I couldn't die no matter how many times I got shot.  I captured the flag several times and had a blast.  Hey, I'm not a kid, and any kid can normally beat me....LOL   So, I had to have a little fun.   I was told I was cheating or someone suggested that I hacked the game.   Nope, just a lucky glitch on my part.  I wonder what will happen the next time I play.  I'll probably end of shot a zillion times and respawn a zillion times.  

Honored Guest

One time this happened to everybody in the game for several minutes. We all ran around shooting each other and then suddenly everybody died at once and regenerated. It was so much fun!