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Bogus Oculus 3 "6 months, 12 apps, endless opportunities") Meta Quest + Offer

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I have been an Oculus fan since the first headset release and recently upgraded to the Oculus 3 and was on the waiting list to purchase on release day.  When I purchased the Oculus 3, I received an email from the Meta Store thanking me for my purchase and stating that six months of Meta Quest + came included with my headset and were "ready to claim" in the Meta Quest Store. When I clicked on the "Claim now" button it took me to the Meta Quest Store "Your VR subscription is here" screen with a button titled "Start 1-month trial".  When I clicked on the Start 1-month trial button (thinking it would then state something about my 6 months of free Meta Quest +) the only option was to sign up for a Meta Quest-1 Month Trial at $7.99 /month after the free trial ends or a Meta Quest-12 months (1 Month Trial) for $59.99/year after the free trial ends.  I decided to click on the 1 Month Trail for $7.99 a month still thinking there would be some reference to my free 6-month trial offer.  When I clicked on the 1-month trial "Continue" button I received a Purchase Confirmation screen saying that I was signing up for the monthly subscription for $7.99 a month (plus tax) and that my credit card would be charged starting after a 1-month trial.  Still no reference to my free 6-month trial offer which Meta Store had sent me.  Rather than enter in my credit card information and hope that signing up for the monthly subscription would then give me a screen saying that I was going to receive the 6 months subscription I contacted the Meta Store.  I received a reply back from one of the representatives asking for a copy of the 6-month free Meta Quest + subscription email I received, and the representative said he would look into why I was not able to redeem the free offer.  He replied back right away asking me to click on the 1-month subscription and to enter in my credit card information.  I replied back stating I wanted to confirm that I was getting the free 6 month offer before I entered in any credit card information and asked why I was being asked to sign up and give my credit card information.  He replied back without answering my question and then asked me to click on any game or app and to enter in my credit card information to purchase.  I again, asked why I had to purchase something first and asked him to confirm whether I was going to receive my free 6-month subscription. He never replied back and a while later I received an email from the Meta Quest Store Support saying my case had been resolved and that I could reply back if wanted to reopen my case.  I replied back stating that my case had not been "resolved" and that I had never received an answer to my question about why I wasn't getting the free offer that Meta Store said I was eligible for and sent to me. I then received another email from another representative stating that she would look into why the case was closed without an answer and why I wasn't able to redeem the free offer.  I then replied back stating the same details and including a copy of the email from Meta Store with the free offer and she then replied back stating that I was only eligible for the free Asgard's Wrath game as I had purchased the 128GB Quest 3 and not the 512GB and she sent me a link to both the offers. At no point prior had I ever seen or heard of this being the offer conditions for purchasing each different headset model.  I then received another email stating my case was resolved.  Again, I replied back to re-open my case and then received another email from another rep stating that they were sorry and that there must be a "bug in their system" which accidentally sent me the free 6-month Meta Quest + offer and that I was not eligible, and my case was being closed.  I'm glad that I didn't enter in my credit card information and sign up for the monthly subscription thinking that I would then get my free offer because this was never going to happen.  I question why the Meta Store Support kept instructing me to sign up and I have big concerns about "bugs in the Meta Store system." Because of this, I will never subscribe to the Meta Quest + and will never purchase any games or apps from the Meta Store and am even considering returning my Oculus 3 as it is still eligible for return given the fact that the Meta Store would not honor their offer (even if it was a "bug") and given the fact that their representatives kept instructing me to "just sign up" rather than trying to escalate to resolve in a manner that shows their commitment to good customer service.  Meta has lost a customer rather than trying to do the right thing, but this appears to not be that important to them as there must be lots of other customers that will just accept this type of service. 



I’m sorry to hear this happened to you.


I just purchased the Quest 2 on with a Black Friday promo that offered $50 store credit. Set up my device the same day I received it - no store credit showed in my account. I entered a support ticket also, within an hour of setting up my device. The short version is I have gone round and round with them providing my order number, account, email, etc. and have now been told to wait 3-5 days while they investigate. Meanwhile I haven’t purchased a single thing from the store for fear they’ll somehow claim I used store credit (that I never received).

While chatting with multiple agents, the chat would end or the chat window would repeatedly close, to which they said they were working on fixing the bug in the chat window. I’m starting to think this promotion was a fake. I am sure I’ll get a response similar to yours…they’ll find a loophole.