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Can I ever feel comfortable purchasing an app for my Meta Quest 3 again?

Honored Guest

I attempted to purchase an app using a promo code at the Meta Store on the Meta Website.  I entered all the information and confirmed the order. I then received a message something like "Purchase Failed please try again later, if unable to complete purchase please contact Meta Store Support. The purchase failed but was still charged to my credit card account. Well as most of you know contacting Meta Store Support is like being sucked into a black hole...over a week later I am still dealing with them. I have resolved that problem using plan B.

Sorry about the lengthly explanation above. My question is...can I ever feel comfortable purchasing an app for my Meta Quest 3 again on the Meta Store? Has anyone else had this experience?



Given the terrible support experience myself and others have been having, I personally am not comfortable making further purchases on this platform.  Everything from billing to account management feels like a mess and there's not a single live person in sight to help with problems.

I have no idea what their product managers are thinking.  They are 4 billion USD in the red every fiscal quarter for their Reality Labs division and keep dumping more money in to build "the ecosystem".  The problem is that they will have long killed off any consumer trust by the time they are done with the unwillingness to provide a proper support experience.