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Creed rise to glory

Level 2

On creed boxing it won’t let me get get passed the click ok part I reset the game deleted it and it still stuck on that scree


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! 


We appreciate you for bringing this to our attention. 


We understand you're having issues with 'Creed', and also appreciate the efforts you have made to fix this issue. 


Have you been able to reset your headset? Also we wanted to clarify were you able to uninstall and reinstall the game?


When you try out this step and still facing this issue, then let us work on factory resetting your device. Please click here for more details: How do I factory reset my Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest? | Meta Store


If you're still having issues with this, then please don't hesitate to update us so our team can continue working with you on this.