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Horizon Worlds Crashing On Startup

Level 2

So I'm on Oculus Rift and I seen Horizon Worlds came to the uk this week which I was very happy about and excited to try it out and see what it was all about to then find out that the game doesnt even work i downloaded it and it crashed on startup and then I deleted it and reinstalled it several times and still not working, i turned off my pc and I also reset my oculus headset, I have tried everything the actual thing that comes up when its crashing is this "facebook horizon - unity 2020.3.21f1_a38c86f6690f" <<< Anyone know how to fix this or what this means it comes up saying that wiht like a unity logo and red exclamation mark like "!" << Any help is appreciate please I cant even try out this and I know im not the only one with this problem because veryone has had the problem since the new update rolled out. Thanks.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey scrolldrag6! We noticed you having an error with Horizon Worlds crashing on startup. Also sounds like you've tried a good couple of steps to fix this with no avail. 


As for now the best suggestions we could give, are to reach out to us in the link here where we can further look into this, as well as submitting a bug report through the link here.