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Into the Radius, VR’s Most Unique Atmospheric Survival Shooter Fires Out Of Early Access Today



Virtual Reality fans have eagerly awaited today’s release as CM Games’ post-apocalyptic hardcore survival game, Into the Radius, has released out of Early Access. Into the Radius aims to push VR gaming by offering up hours and hours of replayable content, challenging players to master realistic weapon handling, survival-based gameplay, and exploration focused storytelling in a world that’s as unyielding as it is intriguing. 

Watch the Gameplay Trailer:

Inspired by the classic sci-fi novel 'Roadside Picnic' (Пикник на обочине) by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Into the Radius is available now on the Oculus Store, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (with-link). New players can pick up ITR with a 30% discount from July 20-26th to celebrate its release. 

Into the Radius’ release is the apex of years of hard work by a very small team of VR developers paired with feedback from a devoted and passionate fanbase. Over the course of the game’s 8 months Early Access period, CM Games has eagerly and openly encouraged fan inputs and will continue to actively listen to player feedback. This was a decision that was core to Into the Radius’ design so that the end product would be an experience that is not only beloved by VR players but also delivers an atmospheric VR experience unlike any other. CM Games is excited to share in this release with the players who made it possible!

What’s New (Release Version 1.0.397):

High Level

  • New missions with story voice-overs and endgame

  • The difficulty is decoupled from the ability to save. Now you can still switch difficulty at any time. 

  • For more of a challenge “Iron man” mode can be enabled at the start to allow autosaves only.

  • New locations

  • Music and sound fx

  • Improved performance

  • New hand and body models with new art for holsters and pouches

  • Improved Tutorial

  • Vive Cosmos support

  • Comfort options ( Vignetting for turn and move)

  • Replaced map transition with loading screen with helpful tips


  • Improved distance grip - needs less accuracy in pointing to grab

  • Snap turn is not instant to reduce disorientation

  • Virtual Stock can be disabled

  • The game can be loaded straight from death info


  • Increased Stabilization for all weapons
    5 new weapons - AK74, AK74M,  AK74-U, VSS Vintorez, AS VAL

  • Pistols can be double gripped for additional stability

  • Most two-handed weapons will fall out of hand if shot single-handedly

  • Double-barreled shotguns are now physics-based to operate, one can just flick up to close the barrel


  • Economics rebalanced (Ammo is now cheaper!)

  • A new type of low priority mission

  • Upon accepting a mission you have a 2 hour in-game cool down before being able to abandon to prevent mission cycling