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Kitesurfing Sim?

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Hey everyone. I've had a look around but haven't come across any decent kitesurfing games and was wondering if anyone might be working on one.

I imagine having the hyrda controllers would be perfect to simulate kite control while using the oculus rift to check on your kite and look around would be an amazing experience, especially while jumping. Kitesurfing is also fairly fluid so I wouldn't think it would be too jarring or nauseating either.

With the right physics, beginners could use it to practice all the basic kite control maneuvers when they don't have the time to hit the water. You could manipulate options to practice flying in whatever conditions you want such as practicing low wind flying or high gusts. Maybe even simulate stunts you would never try, fly during a tornado and see how much hang time you can get or jump a cruise ship. What do you guys think?

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i think it's a great idea!

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This is spooky. I was watching a kite surfer on the beach this weekend and had the exact same thought.

I don't want to stand on a cold windy beach, I need this 🙂

As a fellow kiteboarder (will be heading out tomorrow 😄 ), I have been dreaming of this for soooooo long. There has been a few attempts however all failed - however the Rift brings a totally new element to the picture!

I only wish I had the programing knowledge and ability to step forward with this idea... unfortunately I am a totally beginner trying to figure it all out.

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Hi Oculus team, hope everything is going well!

My name is Gustavo, I'm a kitesurf instructor in New Jersey ( and would like to talk to you guys about this post, is that possible?

Looking forward to hear back from you!


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Better later than never - there is already a Kitesurfing VR for Oculus Quest: